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AI, Business and Chip Demand

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
Any advance as large as AI takes time for the market to fully digest and understand. AI and its applications which will require many types of semis on both the input and output ecosystems is still in its infancy. This is one of the largest, high impact literally revolutionary changes in human history and is going to take place and expand and refine itself over decades, just like the initial processor chips. The whole new AI/ML ecosystem will become a high speed two way channel requiring ever more and faster input and output in the entire ecosystem. Once people truly understand and learn high to apply this entirely new ecosystem to our modern, ever accelerating modern world demand for all aspects of this ecosystem will speed up propelled by both value and driving current systems obsolete at an every increasing rate that renders past growth models obsolete as it compounds on itself. It's just like the change in power from chemical reactions to nuclear reactions. We are still in the early stages of nuclear power generation and just getting into the stage of small low cost nuclear power generation and this has taken decades and is still in its infancy. AI/ML is just getting started and will move and compound far, far faster for its far more widespread ability to applied to just about every aspect of mankind's endeavors. The growth we see in AI/ML is just only starting to pick up speed as new applications come out at an ever accelerating rate, feeding on itself. It will be similar to a nuclear reaction as it rapidly picks up speed. Those industries and endeavors that overlook this are bound to be crushed and rendered obsolete at an ever increasing rate. Comments and additions sought and welcome on this, especially first person observations of the changes already starting to take place. I feel this revolution will drive chip demand at all levels.
Just reading Barrons this morning and Amazon just bought an AI company and the indicator is that the AI ecosystem is still not only in the growth mode, but still accelerating. Anthropic started by Open AI ex employees. With Amazon being mainly a data center giant, this is an important move in the AI/ML space.