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ACM TODAES Introduces New Designer Notes for EDA Practitioners

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
The ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems (TODAES) is excited to introduce a new submission category for EDA Practitioners: Designer Notes.

Designer Notes are short articles (typically less than 15 pages) specifically for practitioners to share their hardware and/or software design experiences with current tools, design case studies, problem specific framework/tool flows, etc.

Designer Notes are not required to contain innovative algorithms or methodologies but must present non-trivial design practices and insights.

TODAES is a premier ACM journal in design and automation of electronic systems. It publishes innovative work documenting significant research and development advances on the specification, design, analysis, simulation, testing, and evaluation of electronic systems, emphasizing a computer science/engineering orientation. Design automation for machine learning/AI and machine learning/AI for design automation are very much welcomed. For topics of interest please see

Please visit the ACM TODAES Author Guidelines page for more information regarding submission requirements. And please contact Matthew Morrison, Managing Editor of TODAES, for any additional questions at