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A Winning Combo: Otava RF Switches and Filters & Samtec Precision RF Connectors


Staff member
October 11, 2021 By Matt Burns

RF and wireless connectivity make the world go round.

Consumers think nothing of the technical wizardry keeping wireless networks running smoothly. Active antennas, towers, base stations, network equipment and other devices interoperate offering the services defining daily life.

However, dig a layer deeper. The network equipment can’t work without the latest RF components. Whether upconverters, downconverters, ADCs, DACs, switches, filters or interconnect, high-performance RF components are the heart of wireless connectivity. New components need to be smaller, denser and improve performance.

Otava Introduces New RF Switches and Filters​

Samtec partner Otava is broadening their line-up. Otava’s mmWave beamformer technology offers many advantages to competing solutions. Otava’s new tunable RF filters and wideband RF switches offer small foot prints, low insertion loss and wide band coverage. These features are ideal for frequency-agile sub 6 GHz applications.

Otava’s new tunable filters cover 2.5 – 40 GHz frequency bands. Using highly integrated devices simplifies RF filter networks and frees up PCB space at the same time. Frequency ranges of the devices include:
  • OTFL101: 2.5 – 7.5 GHz
  • OTFL201: 14 – 24 GHz
  • OTFL301: 24 – 40 GHz
Otava also offers new filter evaluation boards (OTFL101-EVAL, OTFL102-EVAL and OTFL103-EVAL) for prototype and evaluation. Each kit offers one tunable filter, two 2.4 mm Precision RF connectors, a microcontroller and an option for external control.


For more information on the filters and the eval kits, please visit

Otava now offers two new RF switches. These SPDT options provide exceptional insertion loss and linearity up to 40 GHz in two small form factors. RF switch options include:
  • OTSW100: 2.546mm x 2.161mm
  • OTSW101: 1.634mm x 1.637mm
Engineers can use the new Otava RF switch evaluation boards (OTSW100-EVAL and OTSW101-EVAL) in a lab setting. Each kit offers one RF switch, three 2.4 mm Precision RF connectors and two +/- 2.5V control lines via a header.


For more information on the filters and the eval kits, please visit

Samtec Precision RF Interconnect​

Next-gen wireless network equipment utilize a number of RF interconnect solutions. The Samtec Precision RF product line includes 18 to 110 GHz High-Frequency, Precision RF solutions for microwave and mmWave applications, including full cable assemblies, cable connectors and board level interconnects.

Samtec is committed to delivering high-quality RF products for next gen applications drives our that meet precision and performance expectations, blended with industry-leading system-level signal integrity expertise.

For more information, please visit