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1984, Big Brother, Semis Impact

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
Technology without wisdom can be as dangerous as it is beneficial and those developing it must not operate in a vacuum. Those of us working in the tech sector must also take some responsibility for how it is used and take early steps to guide its use to the benefit of society in general. Technology without wisdom can be a very dangerous tool, whether it's working with viruses in China or police being used to promote the use of doorbell cameras that give them tremendous and growing power that could easily be abused. Technologists cannot work in a vacuum of nonresponsibility for their creations. Knowledge and wisdom must go together. The laws and legal system need to advance as technology advances and if not, serious problems may arise, as covid has fully demonstrated. The link below shows how it is possible to turn the US into a police surveillance state. Imagine as AI progresses the dangers and benefits must both be taken into account with any mass surveillance system. Can we trust private companies such as Amazon, in this case, to operate in the best public interest? Any thoughts, comments or additions solicited and welcome on this issue, especially with AI coming on. With AI, communications, and cameras becoming more prevalent in everything these questions become more important by the day as opportunities for abuse rise.

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