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Published by Daniel Nenni on 12-29-2020 at 6:51 am
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S2C is a worldwide leader of FPGA prototyping solutions for today’s innovative designs.  S2C was founded in 2003 by a group of Silicon Valley veterans with extensive knowledge in ASIC emulation, FPGA prototyping, and SoC validation technologies.  The Company has been successfully delivering rapid SoC prototyping solutions since its inception.  S2C provides:

  • Rapid FPGA-based prototyping hardware and automation software
  • Prototype Ready™ IP, interfaces and platforms
  • System-level design verification and acceleration tools

With over 400 customers and more than 2000 systems installed, S2C’s focus is on SoC/ASIC development to reduce the SoC design cycle. Its highly qualified engineering team and customer-centric sales force understands our users’ SoC development needs. S2C systems have been deployed by leaders in consumer electronics, communications, computing, image processing, data storage, research, defense, education, automotive, medical, design services, and silicon IP. S2C has offices and distributors around the globe including the US, UK, Israel, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

Prodigy™ Complete Prototyping Solutions

Prodigy Complete Prototyping Platform

S2C’s Prodigy Complete Prototyping Solutions addresses the need for a comprehensive solution that operates at any functional design stage, with any design size, and across multiple geographical locations. All of these capabilities are available on demand and remotely-accessible at all times. The Prodigy Prototyping Platform boasts:

  • The largest single system capacity
  • The most scalable/flexible architecture for designs of various sizes, applications and stages
  • Sophisticated hardware and control software
  • Solution to massive software & testing deployment challenges
  • Shortened design to FPGA mapping time
  • Leading multi-FPGA deep trace debug

The Prodigy Complete Prototyping Solutions consists of the following FPGA prototyping solutions:

Download the white paper: FPGA Prototyping of System-on-Chip Designs – The Need for a Complete Prototyping Platform for Any Design Size, Any Design Stage with Enterprise-Wide Access, Anytime, Anywhere

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