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Radio Frequency (RF) Engineer

Radio Frequency (RF) Engineer
by Admin on 06-19-2020 at 12:05 pm

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Essential Functions/ Responsibilities: 

  • Generate new techniques and methods in modeling, design, and measurement and recommend changes in designs or technical procedures.
  • Participate in multifunctional team(s) per the priorities set by engineering management.
  • Perform empirical and analytical RF evaluations of products, provide input to design, create electrical product models and generate  
  • Work in laboratory environment to validate design and correlate measurement with simulations using VNA, TDR, Oscilloscope or other related equipment
  • Design of PCB including construction, coax, microstrip, stripline and transition
  • Analyze variation dependence and parametric optimization.
  • Enter and maintain project data within the Samtec Project Tracking System (PTS)

 “The responsibilities as defined are intended to serve as a general guideline for this position. Associates may be asked to perform additional tasks depending on strengths and capabilities”   

Required Experience  

  • 5+ Years’ Experience designing and developing high speed, RF, and microwave products.
  • Knowledge of RF interconnects, and passive microwave circuits such as filters, couplers, splitters and baluns, 
  • Understanding of EM field and transmission line theories and how they apply to design. 
  • Use of commercial 3D field solvers (HFSS) to study electromagnetic effects.
  • Use of commercial circuit design software such as ADS or Microwave Office
  • Familiarity with high volume manufacturing methods & processes is required.
  • Familiarity with PCB and thin-film manufacturing techniques
  • Must have a proven track record of successful design.
  • Effectively communicate with multidisciplinary engineering groups & members of management.
  • Must be able handle multiple projects simultaneously as priorities can change very quickly.

Preferred Education: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) or related.

Training required: 

  • On the job training as appropriate. 
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