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CAE Engineer Internship (Paris)

CAE Engineer Internship (Paris)
by Admin on 10-12-2022 at 12:58 pm

Website Altair

Job Summary:

Altair’s HyperWorks software suite is the world’s most widely used CAE suite. Based on process automation, data management and design optimization, HyperWorks is a suite of simulation tools for design and rapid decision making for product design. We develop workflows to meet industrial challenges, including the prediction of results in the predesign phases.

We are looking for an intern for a period of 6 months who will join our technical team in charge of supporting Stellantis , one of the largest car manufacturer groups including Peugeot, Fiat, Chrysler, Citroën… The objective end of this internship is to explore and propose solutions and methods of interpretation of preliminary results of conceptual optimization and to give them an industrializable interpretation on vehicle projects in advance of phase.

What You Will Do:

In the pre-design phases of vehicle projects, even if some of the component parts are carried over (known as the carry over) certain areas will have to be redesigned in order to adapt to the future silhouette and new modes of propulsion . These new parts must allow the entire vehicle to meet very strict specifications both in terms of structural performance and in terms of mass and architectural constraints (with the lightening of the structures in order to integrate batteries by example). In this context, conceptual optimization tools (such as topological optimization) make it possible to provide the best compromise taking into account a large number of variables.

The purpose of this internship is to study the possibility of interpreting a topological optimization result and to present an apprehensible structural photograph close to an industrial solution.

The main challenges will be to go from raw topological results to an intermediate interpretation allowing to identify the main members and the connection zones. Then a second phase of fine optimization (parametric or shape) will make it possible to trace the performance of the interpreted model. The last phase will consist in proposing a pre-industrial solution allowing a better understanding of the concept resulting from the structural optimization.

For this, the trainee engineer will be trained in Altair HyperWorks, Inspire, Simsolid and OptiStruct tools and be made aware of the C123 process .  This method developed by Altair aims, in 3 stages, to support the maturation of the preliminary design (Concept) for different levels of assembly complexity: complete body, BiW, Chassis, structural sub-assemblies. It is this last type of complexity that we will consider within the framework of the internship.

This new knowledge and skills will be applied through several industrial cases associated with numerical reference results (pre-existing simulations).

You will be asked to study the capabilities of the tools available in the latest versions of Altair tools, but also to monitor developments in order to determine future advances. The success of this internship will reside in the ability of the intern engineer to communicate between:

  • Stellantis optimization and pre-design service
  • the Altair technical team dedicated to the Stellantis account
  • the Altair development team dedicated to geometric reconstruction and optimization tools

The expectations for this internship are as follows:

  • Study the state of the art of the proposed solutions without a prior digital reinterpretation phase
  • Extract lessons in terms of strong industrial constraints on sections and connections between parts
  • Propose a methodology to produce a first pre-industrial draft

At the end of this internship, you will have acquired strong skills in the data entry of models, in numerical simulation, in optimization, as well as a working method that can be applied in different branches of the world of numerical simulation and engineering.

What You Will Need:


  • You are in Master 2 or in the last year of an engineering course and you are looking for an end-of-study internship
  • You have initial knowledge of numerical simulation and finite element calculation
  • You have a good understanding of physical phenomena
  • Fluency in written and oral English
  • you are curious
  • You have good ability to work in a team and take responsibility
  • You are autonomous, force of proposal and rigorous (se)
  • Sensitivity to optimization/experiment plan would be a plus


  • Knowledge of the automotive world would be a plus
  • Appetences for programming, creation of automation (tcl, pyhton, …)
  •  Knowledge of numerical finite element calculation tools
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