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A&MS Circuit Design Engr, I

A&MS Circuit Design Engr, I
by Admin on 08-14-2023 at 3:47 pm

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Job Responsibilities

  • Coordinate Mixed-Signal model development and methodology
  • Coordinate Mixed-Signal verification, such as logic equivalency check, power analysis, and digital-analog simulation, with cross-functional teams
  • Create timing model of custom mixed-signal circuits
  • Identify and refine circuit design to achieve optimal power, area, and performance targets.
  • Propose design and verification strategies that efficiently use simulator features to ensure highest quality design.
  • Oversee physical layout to minimize the effect of parasitic, device stress, and process variation.
  • Present simulation data for peer and customer review.
  • Document design features and test plans.
  • Consult on the electrical characterization of your circuit within the IP product.

Job Requirements

  • PhD with 2+ years, or MSc with 5+ years of analog IC design experience.
  • In depth familiarity with transistor level circuit design – sound CMOS design fundamentals.
  • Experience with FinFET technologies is a plus.
  • Experience with Mixed-Signal design methodology, including analog circuit modeling and digital-analog simulation methodology
  • Knowledgeable in Verilog-A for analog behavioral modeling and simulation-control/data-capture.
  • Detailed design experience with at least one, and familiarity with several other DDR or SerDes sub-circuits: 
    • receive equalizers, samplers, voltage/current-mode drivers, serializers, de-serializers, voltage-controlled oscillator, phase mixer, delay-locked loop, phase locked loop, bandgap reference, ADC, DAC
  • Aware of ESD issues (i.e. circuit techniques, layout).
  • Familiarity with custom digital design (i.e. high-speed logic paths).
  • Knowledge of design for reliability (i.e. EM, IR, aging, etc.).
  • Knowledge of layout effects (i.e. matching, reliability, proximity effects, etc.).
  • Experience with tools for schematic entry, physical layout, and design verification.
  • Hands-on experience with physical layout of high-speed circuits is a plus.
  • Knowledge of SPICE simulators and simulation methods.
  • Familiarity with Liberty timing model and static timing analysis
  • Experience with TCL, Perl, C, Python, MATLAB, or other scripting languages is desired.
  • Good communication and documentation skills.
Apply for job

To view the job application please visit sjobs.brassring.com.

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