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SiFive Wiki

SiFive is the leading provider of market-ready processor core IP and silicon solutions based on the free and open RISC-V instruction set architecture. Led by a team of seasoned silicon executives and the RISC-V inventors, SiFive helps SoC designers reduce time-to-market and realize cost savings with customized, open-architecture processor cores, and democratizes access to optimized silicon by enabling system designers in all market verticals to build customized RISC-V based semiconductors. With 15 offices worldwide, SiFive has backing from Sutter Hill Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, Spark Capital, Osage University Partners, Chengwei, Huami, SK Hynix, Intel Capital, and Western Digital. For more information, please visit

RISC-V core IP, available now
SiFive RISC-V core IP are the most silicon-deployed RISC‑V solutions in the world. From low-power embedded microcontrollers (as small as 13.5k gates) to multi-core applications processors, our core IP is the lowest risk, easiest path to RISC-V.

SiFive Cores Series are customizable and can be tuned to meet precise needs with the SiFive Core Designer. SiFive Standard Cores are pre-configured design points in a Core Series and are perfect starting points.

Design a custom core now or download a free Standard Core evaluation Dev Kit which includes Verilog RTL and FPGA bitstreams.

Start Designing
Explore our Standard Cores

Differentiate using our customizable SoC IP.
Best-in class SoC IPs covering wide range of applications from IoT devices, networking and AI/HPC
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HBM2 / HBM2E IP Subsystem
The HBM2 / HBM2E IP is suitable for applications involving graphics, high-performance computing, high-end networking, and communications that require very high bandwidth, lower latency and more density.
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Interlaken Subsystem
High speed chip-to-chip interface protocol with scalable bandwidth, low latency and reliable data transfer over serial links. The latest generation supports up to 1.2Tbps bandwidth with support for NRZ and PAM4 serial links.
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Ethernet IP Subsystem
Comprehensive portfolio of fully configurable multi-channel, multi-rate Ethernet MAC, PCS and FEC IP. Support for OIF FlexE in addition to IEEE802.3 standard for data center applications.
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Your fastest path to custom silicon is here.
When standard products don’t meet your business or technical requirements, it’s time to go custom. Specialized custom SoC solutions can be optimized for power, performance and area, giving you greater design flexibility and a competitive edge.
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HiFive1 Rev B
HiFive1 Rev B is an upgrade to our low-cost development board featuring the Freedom E310. It’s the best way to start prototyping and developing your RISC‑V applications.
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HiFive1 is a low-cost, Arduino-compatible development board featuring the Freedom E310. It’s the best way to start prototyping and developing your RISC‑V applications.
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HiFive Unleashed
HiFive Unleashed is the ultimate RISC‑V development board. Featuring the Freedom U540—the world’s first-and-only Linux-capable, multi-core, RISC‑V processor—the HiFive Unleashed ushers in a brand-new era for RISC‑V.
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The Freedom E SDK is a repository of demo programs, industry standard benchmarks, and board support packages (BSPs) for our hardware platforms. Running benchmark code on our development boards is as easy as building a single Makefile target. Completely Open Source git clone --recursive
Freedom E SDK

Freedom Studio
Freedom Studio is the fastest way to get started programming with your SiFive hardware. Freedom Studio is built on top of the popular Eclipse IDE and packaged with a prebuilt toolchain and example projects from the Freedom E SDK. Freedom Studio is compatible with all SiFive RISC-V development boards.
We highly recommend downloading and reviewing the Freedom Studio User Manual before downloading and installing Freedom Studio. This manual has important information about preparing your host system to help you get up and running as quickly as possible. Please note that the Freedom Studio IDE no longer runs on CentOS 6.
Download Freedom Studio — v2019.08.1

Prebuilt RISC‑V GCC Toolchain and Emulator
Save time by using one of our prebuilt toolchains which contain all the tools necessary to compile and debug programs on SiFive products. No hardware, no problem as the QEMU emulator packages can be used to test software applications without hardware. Our toolchain and emulator distributions have been carefully packaged to support both 32-bit & 64-bit ISAs.

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