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MunEDA Wiki

MunEDA provides leading EDA technology for analysis and optimization of yield and performance of analog, mixed-signal and digital designs. MunEDA's products and solutions enable customers to reduce the design times of their circuits and to maximize robustness and yield. MunEDA's solutions are in industrial use by leading semiconductor companies in the areas of communication, computer, memories, automotive, and consumer electronics. WiCkeD is a comprehensive and powerful software tool suite for interactive, manual, semi- and fully automatic analysis, sizing, design centering and yield optimization of analog and mixed-signal circuits. MunEDA was founded in 2001 and is a privately held company. The company headquarter is located in Munich, Germany. MunEDA has offices in Munich, Germany (Headquarter) and Cupertino, CA, USA (MunEDA Inc.). MunEDA is represented by leading EDA distribution partners worldwide.

MunEDA provides within it's WiCkeDTM EDA suite tools for migration, sizing and verification of Custom IC circuits such as Highspeed I/O, Memory, RF Circuits, Analog, Standard Cells, and many others. Designers can improve and optimize the circuit regarding contraints & feasibility, performances & specifications, robustness, yield, area, stability, timing, power, realiability, aging, degradation, stress, self heating and many others.

Circuit Schematic Migration & IP Porting
MunEDA provides with SPT Schematic Porting Tool an EDA tool solution for custom circuits to do automated circuit migration & IP porting between modern process technologies for external foundries & internal fabs. Supports horizontal and vertical porting.

Circuit Sizing for Low Power, IoT Yield & Reliability
With MunEDA tools for simulation-based circuit sizing & tuning IC designers can improve and optimize their custom circuits regarding contraint fulfilment, performance specifications, robustness, targets for yield, area, stability, timing, power, realiability, aging, degradation, stress, self heating.

Circuit Verification for Variation, PVT, Monte Carlo, Yield & High-Sigma
MunEDA provides comprehensive and powerful tools for simulation-based analysis and verification of Custom IC like circuit constraints, design parameters, PVT, operating corners, specifications, sensitivities, correlations, process dependencies, sweeps, global and mismatch variation, Monte-Carlo, Worst-Case, High Sigma, reliability.

Application Cases
High Sigma for Memory Design (SRAM, DRAM, Flash, FPGA)
Low Power Tuning & Sizing for Custom CircuitsStandard Cell & I/O Custom Cell Design Sizing & Performance Optimization
RSM Circuit Modelling & Model Generation
Model Characterization & Process Model Backward Propagation

About MunEDA
MunEDA is a leading provider of front-end EDA tools for automated - go beyond machine learning - circuit migration, sizing and verification of Custom IC. MunEDA solutions are well integrated into the industry standard EDA design and simulation frameworks of our partners. Headquartered in Munich Germany MunEDA has worldwide sales & support offices to serve our global customers like semiconductor IDMs (integrated device manufacturers), fabless design houses & foundries.

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