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DELTA Microelectronics Wiki

DELTA Microelectronics is a European company. We offer services ranging from design (front and back end), development of test solutions, production testing of components, wafer probing, failure analysis and logistics for the supply of components including purchasing of wafers and packaging. We allow the customer to get the most cost effective combination of services.

DELTA has been supporting microelectronics development since 1976, providing services to hundreds of successful integrated circuit projects for some of the world’s best-known OEMs/IDMs and fabless semiconductor suppliers. We are a business unit of DELTA Danish Electronics, Light & Acoustics that was established in 1941.
DELTA Microelectronics is headquartered in Hørsholm, Denmark, and has an office in South Wales, UK.

Partners and in-house capabilities
A range of European and Far Eastern wafer and packaging partners enable DELTA to provide a full supply chain solution.
DELTA has a large semiconductor test department where we can test wafers and components. Our test engineers ensure that the test hardware and software are customised to your chip. DELTA’s experienced ASIC design team is specialised in very low power chips, payment systems, RFID designs, sensor interfaces and optical chips.

ASIC Design Services
The lowest risk path to success.The advantages of ASICs and highly integrated system-on-chip solutions in terms of cost reduction and increase in performance can be , and we believe DELTA’s unique design-to-production flow offers you the lowest risk path to success. We start with an extremely rigorous specification process. During the design phase itself, we use our extensive library of proven circuit IP to speed up projects, and build detailed design review and verification steps into all our designs – at specification, net list, layout and sample stages.

ASIC manufacturing services
Our turnkey ASIC manufacturing services cover the complete cycle – from wafer procurement through packaging, assembly, test, qualification, supply chain management and failure analysis – or can handle a specific phase, based on your needs. We take pride in our high standards and total quality control that help our customers maximise yield and minimise risk of flawed components. With more than 30 years of supporting IC manufacturing, we have developed formal test procedures and quality management methodologies that assure our clients of the rigorous process their products receive. Our facilities are ISO 9001 certified for microelectronics design since 1999.

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