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Zeleros Hyperloop Customer Case Study with Featured Partner AWS

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
Zeleros, a startup developing an innovative hyperloop system to revolutionize ground travel, optimized the quality and efficiency of its simulations with high performance computing (HPC) on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Migrating HPC workloads to AWS bolstered Zeleros’ capabilities, while the Rescale platform for HPC automation further optimized the company’s performance and productivity. The combination of Rescale and AWS HPC enabled Zeleros to achieve faster computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations at a fraction of the cost, streamline workflows for sustainable growth, and integrate innovation across the company.

Rescale and AWS HPC accelerate simulations from one week to one day As a company that takes pride in its approach to ideation and testing novel solutions, Sensatek needed a solution to solve their compute bottleneck. Prior to using Rescale for their HPC needs, Sensatek relied on custom-built workstations that often required several weeks to complete a new design simulation, resulting in costly delays. “Utlilizing Rescale’s compute expertise gives us an advantage of tools that would normally be available to larger companies” said founder and CEO Reamonn Soto. “Our strategic investments in technology like Rescale are important for our ability to solidfy our competitive advantage in the market, especially for our speed to market and enabling our team to focus on what we do best.

Read the full case study here