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Wide-area wireless for high-speed Internet

Pawan Fangaria

New member
In CES 2016, Leti will be demonstrating "TV White Space modem", the world’s first wide-area, wireless technology based on the IEEE 1900.7 standard, providing high-speed Internet service over long-distances from just one access point.

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This wireless network solution uses adjacent spectrum bands and can provide coverage up to 64 KM range, thus covering a large locality indoor and out in the open space. This can be a boon for rural areas in providing broadband access to those unreachable spaces. Guess there can be other advantages considering IoT?
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Jonathan Gael

New member
We presented DQ switching to the 1900.7 group in 2011, but I thought they morphed into 802.22 after collaborating with the 802 working group.