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VisualSim Cloud brings popular System-Level Modeling Solution to the Browser

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
Santa Clara, CA. — September 8, 2021 — Mirabilis Design, the leading provider of system-level Intellectual Property and Simulation Solutions for electronics and processors, announced the release of VisualSim Cloud. VisualSim Cloud is a Browser-based discrete-event simulation platform with a large library of Intellectual property for quick exploration, trade-offs, debugging and system optimization. Using a Web Browser, users can assemble models, run simulations by varying parameters, and view/save the results. VisualSim Cloud requires no cloud computing fees; immediate availability of latest VisualSim IP; local data storage and simulations; and accessible from any browser. Over 500 VisualSim IP for stochastic, traffic, hardware, software, and networking are available, along with application systems and tutorials for University Labs.

“Corporate IT has been reluctant to support cloud software and storage for engineering use, because of security and cost issues. Mirabilis Design has created a unique solution that eliminates Cloud deployment costs and requires zero configuration, while providing a complete system engineering feature set. The models never leave the customer desktop, and the simulations are run locally.”
-said Deepak Shankar, Founder of Mirabilis Design.

VisualSim Cloud enables:
  • Students to simulate and experiment with physics, analog, digital, control systems, software, and electronics.

  • Electronics engineers design new architectures using innovations including quantum computing, analog computers, Network-on-chip, and AI Accelerators.

  • Software architects can optimize code structure, partition tasks across multi-core, reduce latency and meet power requirements.
  • Data center designers can reduce power consumption and minimize the total bill of material.

  • Embedded and vehicle network systems engineers can design the network topology to meet deterministic latency and maximize throughput.
Systems design suffers from long lead-time, restriction on data movement, multi-level of approvals to get started, mobility restriction and delayed availability of new features. As this is a Browser-based product, it can be accessed from anywhere and getting started is immediate. VisualSim Cloud has been developed from the ground-up and has been in-development for over 4 years. It is the next generation VisualSim Explorer that Mirabilis Design announced in 2016. Explorer was used as a Wiki server within companies. Agile methodology is used to manage the versions on the Cloud. The Cloud version is updated as soon as new features have been developed and fully tested.

VisualSim Cloud has been in beta for over six months and has been extensively used by corporate and student users. The current release of VisualSim Cloud is the equivalent to VisualSim Architect 2130. VisualSim Cloud will work on Windows, Linux and Mac OS, and requires a Web browser.

To start using VisualSim cloud, users must register and login at

To launch and start modeling, user needs an account, Java 1.14, and OpenWebStart. Once the user configures OpenWebStart to work with Java 14, no other changes are required. When the user clicks on the Launch button, a small executable is downloaded. The user double clicks on this executable and VisualSim will open from within the Web Browser. There are several models available in VisualSim Cloud using File->Open Template. Also, if the user has existing models on their desktop, these can be opened using Cloud.

About Mirabilis Design
Mirabilis Design, a Silicon Valley company, designs cutting edge software solutions that identify and eliminate risks in product performance. Its flagship product, VisualSim Architect is a system-level modeling, simulation, and analysis environment that relies on libraries and application templates to vastly improve model construction and time required for analysis. The seamless design framework facilitates designers to work on a design together, cohesively, to meet an intermeshed time and power requirements. It is typically used for maximum results, early in the design stage, parallel to the development of the product’s written specification. It precedes implementation stages - RTL, software code, or schematic – rendering greater design flexibility.

Mirabilis Design, VisualSim and Mirabilis Design logo are trademarks of Mirabilis Design Inc.

To keep abreast with innovations in electronics and to learn about the continued development in VisualSim, you can follow VisualSim on[/TD]
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Just listened to latest podcast and researched. Welp. I guess my now-defunct startup was 2 years early on this :D