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Unveiling of our innovative Energy Efficient Platforms, complete turnkey solutions for competitive SoC designs

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
Grenoble, France – May 4th, 2020

Today, we unveil our new System Platforms for Energy Efficient SoC Design – SPEED – which enable competitive SoCs to be designed with outstanding energy efficiency figures.

Energy efficiency is the key metric to optimize for next generation SoCs, to make devices smarter, smaller, faster, less power consuming, and able to operate at the very-edge. In essence, to do more with less energy.

To succeed in this new challenge, you need to:
Embed more functionalities in a single chip, deal with more data exchanges between the MCU and peripherals
Deal with more complexity and advanced design techniques
Ensure a secure and predictable design to minimize the Time-to-Market
Benefit from customized solutions to ensure their competitivity
We can make your dreams come true, addressing all these requirements quickly and easily with our turnkey SPEED platforms. You can now master the Time-to-market, costs and risks of your chips, whatever the complexity.

The benefits of using SPEED platforms are immediate and valuable:
  • Ultimate energy efficiency level: up to X1000
    • Consistent, complete state-of-the-art IPs, available in all advanced technology nodes
    • Advanced, verified SoC architecture, tailored to your applications’ requirements
  • Seamless integration
    • Scalable to any SoC complexity
    • System-level utilities facilitating advanced low-power technique implementation
  • Secured design cycle
    • Early PPA assessment
    • Standardized approach
    • Pre-verified & pre-assessed solutions
We will unveil each of our 4 platforms in the coming weeks. Discover which ones will help you succeed in your chip differentiation: SPEED Power Management, SPEED Processing MCU, SPEED ML/AI Processing and/or SPEED Audio?