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TSMC considering first chip packaging plant in US



TSMC's planned U.S. plant would involve its latest 3D stacking technologies to arrange chips with different functions in one package, sources told Nikkei Asia.

TSMC is also building an advanced chip packaging facility in the Taiwanese city of Miaoli that is set to go into production in 2022. Advanced Micro Devices and Google will be among the first customers, Nikkei Asia has reported.

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
The facility would be TSMC's first chip packaging plant outside of Taiwan so this is a very big deal. Chip packaging is an increasingly competitive field but TSMC is on par or even ahead of Intel and Samsung in a short amount of time. The big TSMC advantage is the tight collaboration with big name customers and ecosystem partners.

Per the 2021 TSMC Symposium:

In 2020, TSMC extended their support to encompass 281 distinct process technologies, shipping 11,617 products to 510 customers. As in previous years, TSMC proudly stated “we have never shut down a fab.”

Current capacity in 2020 exceeds 12M (12” equivalent) wafers, with expansion investments for both advanced (digital) and specialty process nodes.

TSMC plans to invest a total of US$100 billion over the next three years, including a US$30 billion capital expenditure this year, to support global customer needs.

TSMC’s global 2020 revenue was $47.78B – the $30B annual commit to fab expansion certainly would suggest an expectation of significant and extended semiconductor market growth, especially for the 7nm and 5nm process families. For example, new tapeouts (NTOs) for the 7nm family will be up 60% in 2021.

TSMC has begun construction of a US fab in Phoenix, AZ – volume production of the N5 process will commence in 2024 (~20K wafers per month).