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Tortuga Logic Introduces Radix-S™ to Advance Security in Modern Silicon Chip Designs


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Radix-S is the first product to identify exploits in Hardware Roots of Trust

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Tortuga Logic, a cybersecurity company specializing in hardware threat detection and mitigation, today announced the release of Radix-S™, the first product in a series of hardware-based security solutions designed to identify system-level vulnerabilities embedded in Hardware Roots of Trust (HRoT).

Radix-S™ is the first product designed to identify system-level vulnerabilities embedded in Hardware Roots of Trust (HRoT).

Radix-S™ is the first product designed to identify system-level vulnerabilities embedded in Hardware Roots of Trust (HRoT).

A Hardware Root of Trust is a minimum set of hardware and software that is trusted to provide security functions such as key management, device identity authentication and run-time monitoring of the system. In recent years, Hardware Roots of Trust have been gaining wide usage for maintaining the integrity of the IoT edge and securing compute and storage workloads in the datacenter. Compromises in Hardware Roots of Trust can affect the integrity of all devices and leak highly sensitive information to unauthorized parties.

"Hardware Roots of Trust are becoming the basis of security for entire systems, so it's crucial that they are properly designed and implemented," says Dr. Jason Oberg, co-founder and CEO of Tortuga Logic. "A vulnerability in the Hardware Root of Trust or its system configuration can have disastrous consequences that affect all parties across the whole value chain. If the hardware itself is not secure, the entire design becomes susceptible to system-level exploits."

As one of the most advanced pre-silicon security solutions on the market, Radix-S scans both a system's hardware and software during the pre-silicon design and verification stages to detect and prevent any system-level security vulnerabilities.

Radix-S helps prevent against:
  • - Unprivileged access to customer proprietary or confidential data
  • - Unauthorized access to keys used to sign and authenticate boot images
  • - Side channel leakages of critical customer information
  • - System-level compromises arising from Hardware Root of Trust misconfigurations
  • - Undetected system architecture security gaps
Deployment of Radix-S does not require additional resources or modifications to existing engineering infrastructure or methodology. Radix-S ships with Hardware Root of Trust security threat models that span both hardware and software, providing a complete and extensible solution for detecting security vulnerabilities.

Radix-S is available now. For sales inquiries, please contact

About Tortuga Logic
Tortuga Logic is a cybersecurity company that provides industry-leading solutions to address security vulnerabilities overlooked in today's systems. Tortuga Logic's innovative hardware security verification platform, Radix-S™, enables design teams to identify and prevent system-wide exploits arising around a Hardware Root of Trust that are otherwise undetectable using current methods of security review. To learn more, visit or contact

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