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Tortuga Logic Announces Expansion of Cybersecurity Leadership Team

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
Appoints Andreas Kuehlmann as Executive Chair and Interim CEO, Co-Founder Jason Oberg as CTO

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Tortuga Logic, Inc., a cybersecurity company specializing in hardware security, today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Andreas Kuehlmann as Executive Chair and Interim Chief Executive Officer effective immediately. Previous CEO and co-founder Jason Oberg will transition to the role of Chief Technology Officer to continue his focus on driving the company strategy to maintain its rapid growth.

Tortuga Logic is experiencing an unprecedented demand for its hardware security products and services. The Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities demonstrated that commodity semiconductor chips used everywhere can have fundamental security flaws. Since then, the number of discovered hardware vulnerabilities has grown rapidly, fostering the need for more innovative solutions. Mr. Kuehlmann adds a wealth of experience in both security and semiconductor industries that will be instrumental for the company's next phase of growth.

"I am delighted to welcome Andreas as our new CEO. He is a proven leader who has excelled at strategic leadership and execution and is well-positioned to lead Tortuga Logic. The Board and I are confident that he is the right person to continue building the company's momentum," said John East, Tortuga Logic Board Director. "As a seasoned leader with significant experience in both cybersecurity and semiconductor, he operates efficiently at scale and delivers value to employees, customers, investors, and shareholders. We are lucky to have him."

"As we've seen from recent vulnerabilities, there are wide attack surfaces left unprotected at the hardware-software boundary. We're excited to partner with Tortuga Logic as they build solutions to keep consumers safe in everything from their phones to autonomous vehicles," said Justin Butler, Eclipse Ventures Partner and Tortuga Logic Board Member.

"Hardware security is an immensely complex problem spanning semiconductor design, manufacturing, and supply chain. The importance of using best-in-class products and design methodologies for building secure chips cannot be overstated," said Jason Oberg. "Andreas' experience in building a market-leading software security business provides invaluable guidance and leadership to Tortuga Logic for our next stage of growth. I look forward to working closely with him to plan and execute our disruptive technology and product strategy."

"Cybersecurity is a critical foundation of our rapidly expanding digital world, spanning hardware and software that powers everything from our personal devices to the national and global infrastructure. Establishing a secure product development process is a journey that involves people, technology, and processes. We learned valuable lessons from creating methods for secure software development, many of which are applicable in the hardware world," said Andreas Kuehlmann. "Jason and his team have developed extensive hardware security expertise and built a powerful technology foundation. I am excited to join Tortuga Logic to help create a foundational, holistic approach to cybersecurity by making the hardware more secure."

To learn more about Andreas' views on the state of hardware security, please visit the Tortuga Logic blog and read: HARDWARE SECURITY – A CRITICAL PIECE OF THE CYBERSECURITY PUZZLE.

About Andreas Kuehlmann: Andreas Kuehlmann received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and has spent his career in semiconductor design, software development, and cybersecurity and served as Adjunct Professor at UC Berkeley. Most recently, he helped build a market-leading software security business starting as head of engineering at Coverity and, after its acquisition by Synopsys, as General Manager of the newly formed Software Integrity business unit. In that role, he led its growth from double-digit-millions to a multi-hundred-million-dollar business through organic and inorganic investments. Andreas brings a unique perspective on the technologies for aiding the development of secure products, and helping organizations to establish and mature holistic security programs.

About Tortuga Logic: Founded in 2014, Tortuga Logic, a leader in hardware security, has developed extensive expertise and powerful technologies to uncover security vulnerabilities early in the design process of semiconductor chips. The Radix line of products augments existing chip verification flows and provides broad coverage of the hardware CWE (Common Weakness Enumeration) categories – a general security taxonomy recently created by an industry consortium led by MITRE. Besides providing security products, Tortuga Logic offers advanced services to help customers to assess their hardware security risks and establish a comprehensive security program. To learn more, visit or contact

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Twitter: @TortugaLogicInc

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