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SmartDV Leads Industry with Greatest Number of Design and Verification MIPI Protocol Standards Solutions for Mobile Applications

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
MIPI IP Portfolio Includes Design IP, Verification IP, Hardware Emulation and FPGA Prototyping Models, Post Silicon Validation IP

SAN JOSE, CALIF. –– July 29, 2021 –– SmartDV™ Technologies, the leader in Design and Verification Intellectual Property (IP), today announced the greatest number of commercially available Design and Verification IP solutions to support the MIPI protocol standards for mobile and other critical applications.

The SmartDV portfolio has approximately 50 MIPI IP solutions, including Design IP, Verification IP, hardware emulation and FPGA prototyping models and post silicon validation IP.

“MIPI is the most important interface specification for mobile and mobile-influenced applications,” comments Deepak Kumar Tala, managing director of SmartDV. “SmartDV takes an active role in the MIPI Alliance to make sure we deliver high-quality IP that meets the standards spec and help our customers differentiate their products.”

Active participation in the MIPI Alliance gives SmartDV early access to specifications and ensures it has the latest updates about new and emerging standards. Its in-house, proprietary compiler produces IP to meet MIPI standards and can rapidly deliver customized derivatives based on customer requests. This highly automated IP development and verification flow allows SmartDV to be the first to market with its MIPI products.

Caption: SmartDV’s proprietary compiler produces IP for MIPI-based designs, including Design, Verification and Assertions, post-silicon IP, memory models and Synthesizable Transactors known as SimXL.

Availability and Pricing
The SmartDV MIPI IP portfolio for MIPI standards is available now.
Pricing is available upon request.
Email requests for more information should be sent to

About SmartDV
SmartDV™ Technologies offers the largest portfolio of Design and Verification Intellectual Property (IP) used by more than 200 customers worldwide, including seven of the top 10 semiconductor companies and four of the largest consumer electronics companies. It supports market segments and protocols as diverse as mobile and 5G, networking and SoC, automotive and serial bus, storage, video and defense and aerospace. With more than 800 products in its portfolio, SmartDV covers the design flow with Design IP and Verification IP for use in simulation, emulation, formal and post-silicon validation and memory modeling. SmartDV has the best customer service with more than 250 experienced ASIC and SoC design and verification engineers, a global footprint and local sales offices. Its technical support is available 24 hours a day seven days a week. SmartDV is headquartered in Bangalore, India, with U.S. headquarters in San Jose, Calif.

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Twitter: @SmartDV