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Semis and Increased Capital Utilization # 1

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
Being a financial person, I see radical changes in capital utilization through vastly increasing use of existing resources, up to several hundred percent in some cases. Autonomy and automation is going to be applied and expanded to more areas powered by semis at all levels, from simple sensors to the most sophisticated AI/ML systems. Advanced use of the power grid, from solar to batteries will also play a major part in this. Right now there is much low hanging fruit in this area, just waiting for people to take advantage of it. Increasing the utilization of resources by just ten percent will be a staggering increase in a world where GDP increases are in the single digits almost all the time with few exceptions. This is how I have made my living exclusively for the last twelve years and what sparked my interest in semis of all types. EDA in all areas is going to become far more powerful and one example of this extending out of the semi area, but powered by sophisticated semis, is Autodesk, among many others. Not only capital utilization will be covered, but time utilization as well. All this will be advanced even more by the ecosystems of advanced platforms that will tie time, capital and resources, human and physical together in such a way that they will utilize the greatest force in the world, compounding. I will cover this in several future forums one area at a time.
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