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Nimbis Services Inc. Selects Methodics Percipient to Provide IP Lifecycle Management within the Trusted Silicon Stratus Ecosystem

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
Percipient Provides a Single-Source-of-Truth and Trusted Repository for IP Design Data

San Francisco, CA, November 26, 2019 – Methodics Inc, the leader in Intellectual Property Lifecycle Management (IPLM) and traceability solutions for semiconductor design, today announced that its PercipientTM platform has been selected by Nimbis Services as a key element in the Trusted Silicon Stratus (TSS) being developed by Nimbis as a novel microelectronics life-cycle verification ecosystem to enhance microelectronics supply chain risk management for DoD R&D teams, contractors, government research laboratories, universities, commercial organizations and innovation communities.

TSS is a first-of-its-kind, multi-tenancy, inter-organizational, collaborative, trusted microelectronics Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) ecosystem that provisions a Design-To-Release-Manufacturing-to-operational-to-Life-Cycle-Management (LCM) cloud computing infrastructure and enterprise architecture that includes Electronic Design Automation software and Integrated Circuit (IC) data repositories implemented within a private community cloud computing WorkFlow-as-a-Service (WFaaS) solution.

“One of our key objectives within TSS is to address the disparate, effectively independent nature of the existing Defense Industrial Base design infrastructure that prohibits leveraging economies of scale and limits collaboration between DoD/contractor teams,” said Robert Graybill, President and CEO of Nimbis Services, Inc. “By implementing Percipient as the IP Lifecycle Management solution within TSS, our goal is to eliminate the various siloes of design data and create a single-source-of-truth for all IP design elements – whether analog or digital and regardless of whether the IP is internally developed or externally acquired – that also provides complete traceability for the design data.”

The TSS-SCRM technology is based on prior work funded by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). The technology’s TSS-SCRM capability represents a key milestone in the journey of enabling virtual modeling and simulation design ecosystems for military systems. Additional extensions include smart manufacturing neutral cloud hosting services for large manufacturers and their supply chains.

An additional goal of TSS is to function as a secure data repository for trusted IC data, manufacturing, test data, supply, field defects, fatigue analysis, inventory, deployment, re-fit and upgrade, and data provenance in the DoD supply chain and acquisition cycle.

“We are very proud to have been selected by Nimbis to help meet their goals of managing the entire lifecycle of IP design data from provenance through verification, all the way to delivery and beyond, and to also help meet the goal of providing a secure and trusted data repository.” said Simon Butler, President and CEO, Methodics. “We look forward to further refining the solution with Nimbis and to working with the various DoD teams and contractors who will be implementing TSS in the coming years.”

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