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New report: Increasing consumer acceptance for a world powered by AI

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
Arm 2020 Global AI Survey

The AI devices we know today come in many forms. Some need only a small amount of data to perform, while some need to know everything about us. So, what makes us comfortable with one AI use case over another? An Arm-commissioned global consumer survey of nearly 4,000 consumers across the US, UK, and Asia-Pacific sought to answer this question and more.

In partnership with NorthStar Research, we asked respondents how they use AI today and how they expect to use it tomorrow. The results highlight an increasing acceptance of AI in 2020 and provide insight into how people feel about the advancement of AI in their everyday life.

Notable takeaways include:
  • 55% of respondents think AI will make the world better

  • When asked how AI might benefit the world most, 33% pointed to its ability to drive scientific advances that will help humans, especially across healthcare and environmental protection
74% would feel more secure with devices that process data locally and only upload data about them to the cloud when absolutely necessary

58% believe AI is essential to voice assistants, as well as drones and robots (52%), and smart home devices (47%)

Presented with the scenario of a robot surgeon proven to outperform humans, 43% said they’d go under its knife

Random fact: 36% say they could grow to love a robot as a pet