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New power management IP for wearables and hearables at IP SoC Shanghai 2020

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
Florianópolis, Brazil — September 8th, 2020

Chipus showcases new power management IP for wearables and hearables in IP SoC Shanghai 2020

Electronic devices are already everywhere. For the near future, we expect them to be in even more applications (some we cannot picture yet) as sensors, AI, connectivity and cloud evolve. But among so many unknowns and room for creativity, there are a few things we are already certain!

Looking at wearables and hearables for example, we know that the devices will be powered by batteries. And we also know the batteries will be small! No one enjoys a bulky watch or a heavy earbud.

The user experience also demands small and comfortable devices which brings another challenge: the physical size of the electronics inside these products must be as small as possible.

Given those two inherent characteristics, we know for a fact that wearables and hearables must be low power and have a large degree of integration with few external components.

Observing those future trends, Chipus will present a power management IP that fits those requirements in IP SoC 2020 Shanghai. IP SoC Shanghai is hosted by Design&Reuse and it is an event dedicated to the semiconductor sector in China and, because of that, all talks will be in Mandarin. There will also be content for English speakers.

Our sales partner for Asia, Pochin Hsu will discuss the challenges and present Chipus’ solution to managing power in wearables and hearables. Besides the discussion that will be carried out in Mandarin, the slides will be available in English and you can reach our technical team here in case of questions.

This year, the IP SoC Shanghai will also be virtual as the COVID19 situation is still not over. We hope that you and your families are safe. We are looking forward to going back to traveling after a vaccine is available!

The event is free and you just need to quickly register. That should not take more than 2 minutes! Check out the event here

There will be a live Questions and Answers Session for the public to interact with the speakers. Details will be provided here soon!