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New Industrial SD Memory Card Controller from Hyperstone

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
The new S9 family of controllers offers reliable SLC and 3D NAND flash support as well as extended security features for industrial SD and microSD cards.

Constance, Germany, March 9th, 2022
– Today, Hyperstone introduces its new S9 family of Secure Digital (SD) and microSD memory card controllers. In tradition of Hyperstone’s aspiration to provide the most reliable NAND flash controllers, the S9 meets the requirements of demanding applications with turnkey firmware. Additionally, the S9S version of the controller, with an application programming interface (API), adds various security features.

The controller’s FlashXE® ECC and hyReliability™ feature set guarantee extended endurance, data integrity and power fail safety coping with demanding applications in markets such as industrial automation, telecom, networking, and medical equipment. With the hyMap® flash translation layer, the S9 achieves minimal write amplification and maximum endurance which enables an efficient use of 3D NAND flash, resulting in lowest field failures over time. With Hyperstone’s complementary hySMART™ lifetime and health monitoring tool, qualification can be monitored, and predictive maintenance can be enabled.

The security variant S9S offers hardware support for AES-128/256, Public Key Elliptic Curve Cryptography, TRNG/DRBG and SHA-256 hashing as well as GPIO pins and ISO7816, I2C and SPI interfaces. The Application Programming Interface (API) provides the infrastructure and tools to create a truly innovative storage solution.

There are billions of devices providing an SD or microSD card slot and interface; making it one of the most widely available options to add removable storage to any application. The interface and form factor can be used to add features such as security, authentication, secure data logging (WORM), surveillance, addition of wireless connectivity such as NFC, Bluetooth and many more. “We see the demand for individual solutions and the need for customized, unique products now more than ever,” said Katrin Wenzel, Technical Marketing Manager at Hyperstone. “The S9 comes with various options to adjust the firmware, add unique code and attach other external components to enable truly innovative products. At Hyperstone, we have a tradition of supporting the development of innovation and differentiated SD and microSD card products. From design tools to full manufacturing services of System-in-Package (SiP), chip-on-board (CoB) and bare-die based products like microSD, we can provide any service needed.”

With an extensive network of design partners and in-house manufacturing capabilities, Hyperstone can also support and facilitate sourcing of NAND flash and manufacturing of SD or microSD memory cards.

The S9 has been qualified for industrial temperature range (-40 to +85 °C) and will be available in a 7.5 x 4 mm LGA-64 package, S9-LAK08 (standard version) and S9-LASK08 (security and API version). SD cards for evaluation as well as engineering samples and firmware are available now.

About Hyperstone
Hyperstone is a fabless semiconductor company based in Konstanz, Germany with a strong focus on world class flash memory controllers for industrial embedded markets. Its products set the standard for high-reliability flash management providing confidence for NAND flash performance in mission critical situations. Hyperstone’s products include microcontrollers for various host interfaces and performance points, e.g. SATA, USB, CF/PATA, SD/microSD and eMMC. Together with the hyMap® flash translation layer (FTL), the hyReliability™ feature set, reference designs, health monitoring, maintenance, and production tools Hyperstone offers a turnkey solution for storage media integrators.

To learn more about Hyperstone, please visit

Contact Information:

Hyperstone GmbH

Reichenaustr. 39a
78467 Constance, Germany
Phone: +49 7531 9803-0

Media Contact:​

Axel Mehnert
VP Marketing & Strategy
+49 7531 9803-15

This press release may include estimates and forward-looking statements that involve a number of risks or uncertainties. It should not be considered technical documentation and content is subject to change without prior notice. Brand, product or company names and trademarks are property of the respective holder. Warranties implied or expressed as well as liabilities for any damage resulting from using the provided information in this document is void. (HS-Mkt-AM-PR-22-02-09)
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