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Materials Engineer, PhD with 6+ years experience aiming for Process Development or R&D


New member

This is Dilek from Austin , TX. I left my previous role voluntarily due to the family relocation. I am an innovative and curious engineer with academic/industrial work experience.
I would like to return to the work environment as soon as possible because I already missed it (believe it or not).
  • I have a background in clean rooms and chemistry laboratories in the production of thin films (functional thin films- semiconductors, electrochromic films, opto-electronic films, metal electrodes) and microfabrication using lithographical tools, DRIE, RIE, wet etch, PECVD, ALD, Sputtering.
  • I have hands on experience and/or official trainings with the following characterization tools: SEM, EDX, AFM, SAM, profilometer, agilent/keysight SMU, cyrogenic probe station, glove boxes, nano-auger.
  • Supervised one MSc degree student for the Cu electroplated TSVs for system integration. (Fabrication and Feasibility of Through Silicon Via for 3D MEMS Resonator Integration)

  • I am actively applying for current job openings and in the meanwhile I wanted to post my resume here as well because I felt like this is the right place to post it. I hope that my resume will be discovered.
Warm regards,