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Magillem will attend IP-SOC 2019 Grenoble

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
«An expert system for system experts®»

Join us, December 3-4, 2019 – Grenoble, France

Be there in order to attend to an exclusive talk about 'The benefits of IP-XACT for IP Providers', presented by Vincent Thibaut, Magillem VP.

Magillem Team would be pleased to have you on our booth in order to exchange about your needs in IP-XACT solutions.[/TD]
Paris, France – November 26th, 2019. Magillem[/B], the leading provider of front-end design xml solutions, addresses more than ever the challenge of SoC (SystemonaChip) design complexity, thanks to its easy-to-use methodology called ISDD®, i.e. Integrating Specification, Design & Documentation, which provides seamless integration across these processes, linking together all product and design-related information in a hub.

Magillem offers a tools suite unanimously qualified as the “best-in-class” and most comprehensive by the semiconductor industrials, to accelerate SoC design by solving the well-known critical issues this market: increasing complexity, shorter time-to-market, growing costs of R&D. The solution is based on a unique open standard metadata model (IEEE1685/IP-XACT).

Two major principles address these critical challenges:
  • Reuse of Intellectual Property and technological assets;
  • Adoption of a design flow which protects from errors at each step.
Magillem provides a great environment for newcomers to ASIC design as well as veterans of the industry: we pay attention to the design data, their consistency all along the numerous milestones between a set of requirements and the “RTL freeze” of the design. the collaboration of the teams, the traceability of marketing constraints and technical specifications, the capacity to design derivatives, to reconfigure, to document the designs and to search the data from IPs to products in the customer “built for reuse” referential.

Maximizing the value of the experts’ work is Magillem’s primary concern and it is addressed by the ISDD® solution, the innovative methodology offering a «virtual smart assistant for experts».

Magillem EDA6 , EDA7:
A complete and comprehensive flow!
Magillem platform
is a turnkey solution that allows the design team to create its design flow. Our new generation EDA6/EDA7 is a complete development environment for flow designers, and allows them to optimize design steps for SoC engineers and make it easier for them at every step.
With it new “flow oriented” GUI and the implementation of the next gen of IP XACT, new APIs, Magillem is preparing the launch of a completely revamped environment with a vastly improved ease of use, a fast learning curve for all new SOC design groups, and the best of what our platform has brought to the savvy users for the past twelve years.

The implementation of a flow adapted to the use of the standard IEEE 1685 / IP XACT is considerably accelerated and simplified. The customer can then count on service and support for subsequent adjustments of his flow.

Magillem Power Management
Magillem Power management bridges the gap between IP-XACT platform description and Power Intent strategy.
We import Power Intent into Magillem and edit, to then evaluate Power Intent vs IP-XACT elaboration and detect misalignments, missing, conflictual , unnecessary isi/lvl, following UPF specifications
The output consists in detailed reports of propagated power properties (domains), computation of iso/lvl, warnings and errors.
Proves very useful to most customers !

Magillem Crystal Bulb (MCB): Design Data Intelligence for all!
Magillem Crystal Bulb (MCB) provides a powerful query and search mechanism coupled with a sophisticated linking feature, and consolidates project history, thanks to an impressive reporting module.

MCB is incrementally customizable and can consolidate and monitor virtually unlimited datatypes. It edits design information and extra-functional metadata inthe same environment. Every SoC stakeholder searches, views, tracks, monitors and shares efficiently all design objects (board, product, SoC and IP), thanks to the catalog concept, which enables to view and edit objects at facet level.

Magillem Architecture Intent (MAI): Architects-SoC Designers side by side
Magillem Architecture Intent (MAI) is a front-end design environment that captures connectivity and memory requirements in IP-XACT. This tool, much more efficient than Visio®, enables to build the architecture of the system, either from the software map (software intent flow), or from the block diagram (hardware intent flow). And it translates Architecture intent into an IP-XACT draft platform automatically.

MAI bridges the gap between architects and SoC designers by keeping software intent and hardware refinement synchronized, for a better end-to-end traceability and consistency.

Magillem Content Publisher (MCP): The true collaborative solution!

Magillem Content Publisher (MCP) is a comprehensive digital publishing suite that automatically assembles and publishes heterogeneous contents fragments, thus facilitating their reuse and repurposing. This platform aligns perfectly design and documentation, thanks to a set of powerful metadata and a semantic linking facility.

Based on XML, MCP facilitates the automation of documentation production by merging design information from various sources, resulting in acceleration of content updates. MCP offers a reuse content strategy and maximize the value of content assets

Model Based System Engineering and IP-XACT
The ideal flow should provide a modeling solution containing both descriptive and analytical capabilities.
If a modeling language is able to support both capabilities, it is possible to provide a translation (automated or guided) from the model representation to its implementation.

Software is a good example of this case as UML contains both description and behavior.
Hardware until recently did not provide a true modeling language, as HLS was a failure.
IP-XACT addresses the need for the structural aspect of the modeling, while keeping the behavioral part at the programing language level. Magillem is investigating a modeling solution for the behavioral parts : Adapted SysML/UML could be a great companionship to IP-XACT if we can generate RTL constructs from them. Even more promising we can provide an encapsulation allowing to keep synchronized the various representation of the SoC and offering a complete traceability environment.