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Magillem Partners with Imperas

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
A winning combination in delivering value to system developers
Press Release – Paris, France – February 26th, 2018

Since 2015, Magillem (, the leading provider of front-end design xml solutions and best-in-class tools to reduce the global cost of complex designs, has partnered with Imperas (, which is revolutionizing embedded software development, debug and test for multi-core designs via high-performance virtual platforms, high-level software and system simulation, and open models. Together, Magillem and Imperas provide a unique virtual prototyping solution set, fully based on the IEEE standards IP-XACT and SystemC.

Imperas delivers virtual platforms (virtual prototypes) spanning ultra-fast simulation, advanced debug solutions, and models including processors from Arm, RISC-V, MIPS, Altera, PowerPC, Renesas, Synopsys ARC, Xilinx and others. The Open Virtual Platforms (OVP) initiative, at, makes these models available as open source. Imperas combines high-performance models with powerful simulation, debug and test tooling to perform architectural analysis, early software development and more comprehensive embedded software test, analysis and optimization across many processor cores and the full spectrum of operational scenarios.

Thanks to this partnership, Magillem offers a complete front-end design and verification flow from SystemC down to RTL simulation, including software simulation and debug. Supporting a reuse methodology, the Imperas processor and peripheral models are packaged in IP-XACT and assembled in the Magillem tool suite. The constructed virtual platform can be progressively refined into a RTL platform, in a Continuous Integration (CI) flow.

“The wide support of OVP fast processor core models, together with Imperas tools for hardware-dependent software analysis, perfectly complements our Executable Specification solution,” said Jean-Michel Fernandez, Embedded Systems Product Line director of Magillem. « The tight integration of Imperas technology with Magillem tools will help our customers to seamlessly execute their embedded software on their hardware specification.”

Simon Davidmann, Imperas CEO, commented, “The complexity of embedded systems, in particular the software for those systems, is growing exponentially. With the inclusion of virtual platform-based technology in mainstream embedded software development methodologies, correct-by-construction tools like those from Magillem are also vital. The combination of Magillem and Imperas technologies helps tame the complexity for embedded system developers.”