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Join Tortuga Logic at the GOMAC Tech March 16-19, 2020

Daniel Nenni

Staff member

Dr. Nicole Fern, a senior hardware security engineer for Tortuga Logic, will be presenting a session titled ‘Detecting Security Vulnerabilities in a RISC-V Based System-on-Chip’, on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 between 8:20-10:00 AM.

In the exhibit hall, stop by booth #606 and talk with our experts about your SoC security needs. We will be demonstrating how using our Radix™ hardware security verification solution, along with an industry standard RTL simulator, we are able to verify a set of critical security requirements for the Rambus® CryptoManager Root of Trust.

Hardware roots of trust are commonly used by semiconductor engineers to maintain the integrity of a system design, providing critical security functions such as key management, device identity authentication and run-time monitoring of the system.

While at the show, also stop by our partner Edaptive Computing’s booth, and see how our collaborative R&D is providing integrated solutions and methodologies to address Trusted and Assured Microelectronics.

Can’t attend, but what to learn more?
Hardware Security Verification Services

The key benefits of Tortuga Logic’s hardware security verification services are:
  • A comprehensive independent security assessment report for use across management and with your customers​
  • Access to Tortuga Logic security experts and industry leading Radix technology​
  • A repeatable and scalable process to address security of your entire SoC or FPGA design for your current and future projects.​

Learn More

The Radix-S evaluation kit is a trial version of our Radix-S software​

What is Included?

The evaluation kit comes with:
  • Radix-S with a 30-day license
  • Pre-loaded Verilog designs
  • A set of security rules for each design