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Highest performance Arm Cortex-R processor to power the future of computational storage

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
News highlights:
  • Arm Cortex-R82 is the highest performance Cortex-R processor, with 64-bit support and Linux-capability
  • Real-time processor enables data processing where it is stored for next-generation enterprise and computational storage solutions
  • Combines higher performance and access to greater memory with extensive Arm Linux and server ecosystems

In a world of billions of connected devices, data processing can no longer ony happen in the cloud. Computational storage is emerging as a critical piece of the data storage puzzle because it puts processing power directly on the storage device, giving companies secure, quick and easy access to vital information.

Today, Arm is announcing Cortex-R82, its first 64-bit, Linux-capable Cortex-R processor designed to accelerate the development and deployment of next-generation enterprise and computational storage solutions.

In this blog, Neil Werdmuller, director of storage solutions at Arm, explains how the Cortex-R82 will generate insight where data is stored, creating value across a range of applications, and enabling a faster start for developers.