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Do more with less energy! What’s behind our Energy Efficient Platforms?

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
Grenoble, France – May 22th, 2020

We are unveiling our new System Platforms for Energy Efficient SoC Design – SPEED.

The main challenges faced by fabless companies serving the next generation of IoT and Automotive applications are to embed more functionalities, master complexity, limit risks and costs, and increase performance while reducing power.

We provide a solution to these interconnected challenges through our complete and consistent set of platforms: SPEED. Doing more with less energy is now achievable in the easiest and quickest way while ensuring chips’ differentiation.

Each platform is fully customizable to your SoC requirements. They can be used independently or coupled with the other platforms to multiply their benefits, depending on the targeted application’s performances:

SPIDER platform – to design an energy efficient power management system in weeks instead of months

BAT platform – to manage the audio signal from the Voice Activity Detection up to its restitution

CHAMELEON platform – an ultra low-power core agnostic MCU subsystem with sensor-centric architecture and a tiny Machine Learning (ML) accelerator

PANTHER platform – a high throughput general purpose Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with extremely low power consumption

RAPTOR platform – a highly energy efficient Neural Processing Unit (NPU) dedicated to AI/ML processing tasks

We will unveil the details of each of our 5 platforms in the coming weeks. The first one to be released will be SPIDER, the power management platform.

Stay tuned!