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CommScope Selects Semifore to Accelerate Product Development and Improve Quality of Results

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
Agreement expands use of Semifore solutions to automate design of the hardware/software interface for CommScopes’s communications devices

Palo Alto, California August 1, 2022

CommScope extends its use of Semifore to accelerate product development and improve product quality.

CommScope will expand the term of its use of Semifore solutions for the design of advanced communication devices through a multi-year agreement.

Semifore, a leading provider of register design solutions for hardware-software interface verification and documentation, today announced a multi-year agreement with CommScope to extend the use of Semifore’s CSRCompiler™ register design solution.

CommScope is a global leader in communications technology to create the world’s most advanced networks. Across the globe, the company is redefining connectivity, solving today’s communications challenges, and driving the innovation that will meet the needs of what’s next.

“We have used other CSR EDA tools over the years, but Semifore’s CSRCompiler offers the fullest featured and most flexible tools as well as easiest to use,” said Andy Mansen, senior manager of hardware engineering at CommScope. “It eliminates all confusion around CSR.”

CSRCompiler tools:

Improve product quality by providing consistent and accurate communication between the hardware designers and the software developers and encourages the sharing of clear documentation among all design stakeholders.

Help avoid mistakes where the hardware CSRs do not match the documentation, especially during development. CSRCompiler provides a very high level of confidence that the hardware CSRs always match the software.

Eases the burden on the RTL developer since all aspects of the CSR are auto generated, from the documentation to the header file, to the RTL block.

About Semifore
Semifore Inc. provides the CSRSpec CSR authoring language and the CSRCompiler, a complete register design solution for hardware-software interface verification and documentation. Semifore’s tools enables CSR design management from a single source specification. CSR specifications expressed in CSRSpec, SystemRDL, IP-XACT, or spreadsheets are inputs to CSRCompiler. CSRCompiler then automatically generates Verilog and VHDL RTL; Verilog, or C headers; Perl, IEEE IP-XACT, UVM, HTML web pages, and Word or FrameMaker documentation. Learn more at

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Steve Walters

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