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China Taking Taiwan, The Devils Choice

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
If China does take over Taiwan by military force, invariably the TSM foundries and many of the key suppliers would suffer untold damage. This would be the devils choice, for without sophisticated chips that TSM produces, a good portion of the chip fabrication equipment and materials manufacturing equipment needed to make high end chips could not be built. This would be a lose lose situation of the worst kind not only for China, but everyone else. Also who would be willing to supply China with anything if they did invade Taiwan? Invading Taiwan would make China a world wide pariah for causing severe damage to the entire world economy. China invading Taiwan would be a technical, political, military and financial disaster for all. Taiwan knows this and so does everyone else.

Cooperation is the only intelligent option and so far has benefited everyone, increasing collaboration and fair markets for everyone is the best option for all to keep the world wealth balance increasing at the ever greater rate of acceleration of the world economy that has been benefitting all.

Any thoughts, comments or additions on this solicited and welcome.
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How do you know for sure that once TSMC is under control of China,it will cut off existing customers?Because it doesn't make sense,the company cannot survive without customers that demand cutting edge nodes such as Apple Qualcomm Nvidia AMD etc. The only change will be rename TSMC to CSMC. China's SMIC worked with US fabless companies for many years without any problem,why should "CSMC" be any different?