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Anritsu Corporation Selects PLDA’s PCIe Solution for its Next Generation of Handheld Spectrum Analyzers

Daniel Nenni

Staff member

PLDA, the industry leader in high-speed interconnect, today announced that Anritsu Corporation has selected PLDA’s PCIe Controller IP for its next generation of handheld spectrum analyzers. Anritsu, a global provider of innovative communications test and measurement solutions, joins a growing number of companies worldwide implementing PLDA solutions.

PCIe Technology has long been used by the test and measurement Industry, as high-quality and configurable PCIe IPs are perfectly optimized for high-end analyzers. The maturity of PLDA’s PCIe controller solution on ASIC and FPGA technologies and the company’s reputation for outstanding customer support were among the key deciding factors for Anritsu.

“Anritsu develops leading-edge handheld test solutions that require high-bandwidth connections to meet the needs of today’s high-speed wireless networks. The PLDA XpressRICH-AXI IP’s support of AXI streams connected to DMA engines was a crucial factor for us because it allows our field spectrum analyzers to efficiently stream I/Q to a computer via a PCIe interface.” said Russel Lindsay, Sr. Product Manager.

Key features in PLDA’s XpressRICH-AXI IP are:
  • Built-in DMA engine with Scatter-Gather and descriptor prefetch
  • Support of multiple, user-selectable AXI interfaces
  • A large range of configurations on leading-edge FPGA devices

XpressRICH-AXI for PCIe
Controller IP for PCIe® 5.0, 4.0, 3.1/3.0 Supporting Root Port, Endpoint, Dual-mode Configurations, with Optional Built-in DMA and Configurable AMBA® AXI Interconnect

XpressRICH-AXI Product PagePlease feel free to contact us if you have any questions or have an active project that you would like to discuss.​

Best regards,