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Search results

  1. J

    Morris Chang - China is 5 years behind. TSMC's real competitor is South Korea

    There are still some vestiges of Japanese influence in Taiwan where jumping ship from good or prestigious companies every 2-3 years is frowned upon. Rightly/wrongly, there's a sentiment in Asia that the American labor market is more adversarial and mercenarily in nature.
  2. J

    Why Tech Stocks Dropped Yesterday

    Some big levered hedge funds are in the process of blowing up and may have had to sell winning positions to fund margins calls. The short squeeze drama on the most heavily shorted names is putting the market in a weird state.
  3. J

    Electron microscope scan comparing Intel 14nm+++ and TSMC 7nm transistors

    At 13:08 there is a side-by-side comparison of transistors cut from the SRAM arrays of each process. Is it just me or does TSMC structure look neater and more uniform? Perhaps the comparison partially indicates areas where Intel is currently struggling with?