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Search results

  1. Daniel Payne

    Is IBM back to semiconductor business?!!!

    The IBM and Intel press release,
  2. Daniel Payne

    Measure the current of a normal 12v dc motor?

    Some answers over here,
  3. Daniel Payne

    Listing of publicly traded companies in semiconductor space?

    Google is your friend, try this:
  4. Daniel Payne

    Hwo Do I add up analogue inputs to average them?

    Does your system have and A2D converter for the sensor? If so, then you have 20 digital values that can be averaged by a MCU, CPU or GPU.
  5. Daniel Payne

    An open source PDK for 130nm process node

    FYI, links to the EDA tools: Glade: Gemini: Xyce:
  6. Daniel Payne

    Layout Software History

    Wikipedia is your friend, try some searching. I worked at Silicon Compilers from 1982 to 1986, At Intel in 1978 I think that we were using Applicon software for IC layout, but the workstations were kept in a climate-controlled room...
  7. Daniel Payne

    Bitcoin Fraud

    Yes, crypto currencies like Bitcoin are pure fiat, having no intrinsic value and backed by no government treasury. It was just reported on BBC that crypto currencies are bad for the environment, consuming 121.36 terawatt-hours (TWh) per year, more than the entire electricity consumed in...
  8. Daniel Payne

    Does anyone know about MU fab in Virginia?

    When you visit the site and search for Automata, nothing is found: From a 2018 article on EE Times: “Micron’s Manassas site manufactures our long-lifecycle products that are built using our mature process technologies, and primarily sold into the automotive, networking and...
  9. Daniel Payne

    Anybody with contacts at Winbond?

    Sure, but why not just use LinkedIn to get an introduction to someone at Winbond?
  10. Daniel Payne

    CES 2021 Intel new cpu. Question about the 10nm yield

    Yes, and any vendor that leaks what is happening inside of an Intel fab will never set foot in Intel again, and likely end up in court, because they must sign a Non Disclosure Agreement.
  11. Daniel Payne

    CES 2021 Intel new cpu. Question about the 10nm yield

    The secrecy at Intel is legendary. When I worked in a little building in Santa Cruz, CA with only 12 people the security folks from Santa Clara would randomly send over an unannounced stranger to see how much intellectual property that he could steal from our building, and the good news is that...
  12. Daniel Payne

    Change of CEO at Intel announced

    Back in the 1980s I was at Intel designing a GPU called the 82786 in Santa Cruz, while Pat Gelsinger was working on the 80386 in Santa Clara, so it's nice to have a technologist in Intel at the helm again.
  13. Daniel Payne

    CES 2021 Intel new cpu. Question about the 10nm yield

    Intel has been talking about their 10nm process since at least 2015, and has reported many delays since then in achieving viable yields. It's quite a sad story, especially since Intel is one of the few remaining American semiconductor manufacturers. There are many blogs on this topic here on...
  14. Daniel Payne

    Intel Inside, Now Apple Inside?

    Arthur, The trade press is ablaze with Apple rumors of their Titan car project, with a probable delivery date of 2024. Jumping from consumer electronics into a full-blown automotive company is too great a leap, so I agree that it's unlikely to happen, besides Apple routinely prices their...
  15. Daniel Payne

    Cyber War is War

    The huge issue with cyber attacks is determining where they are coming from, because clever hackers spoof their IP addresses, making geographic tracing almost useless. A Chinese hacker can comment code using Russian to easily spoof the origins. Until you are 100% certain where the attacks are...
  16. Daniel Payne

    Apple shares rise on report it’ll boost iPhone production 30% next year

    I visited my Apple store yesterday for a 2:30PM Genius Bar appointment, waited 45 minutes and never spoke with an actual Genius Bar technician, because that will take another 3 days to hear back after dropping off a MacBook Pro with keyboard issues. They had two lines setup, one for online...
  17. Daniel Payne

    Semiconductor software design start-up X-Epic secures US$30mn in new investment amid China’s ongoing self-reliance drive

    From a marketing viewpoint they should've researched their company name, because our industry already had an EPIC, with several EDA tools: Nanosim - transistor-level power simulator Pathmill - critical path analysis Timemill - timing analysis at transistor level Synopsys acquired EPIC, back in...
  18. Daniel Payne

    TSM Revolutionizing Ultrasound Chip

    FYI - the development story of the Ultrasound on a chip is interesting,
  19. Daniel Payne

    Draft of Accellera Portable Test and Stimulus Standard 2.0 Now Available for Public Review

    What: Accellera Systems Initiative, the electronics industry organization focused on the creation and adoption of electronic design automation (EDA) and intellectual property (IP) standards, announced the availability of the Portable Test and Stimulus Draft Standard 2.0 (PSS) for public review...
  20. Daniel Payne

    EMA Design Automation Expands Operations in North America

    Rochester, NY (November 18, 2020) – EMA Design Automation® (, a full-service provider and innovator of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) solutions, today announced it is expanding operations in North America through the addition of the Trilogic EDA engineering sales and support...