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    Low yields driving calls for EUV pellicles

    You took a post from another web site, copied it and posted it here. The post implies that pellicles aren't available or aren't being used, I simply pointed out that pellicles are available and are being used on some layers. Now you are trying to change the conversation by saying they are still...
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    Low yields driving calls for EUV pellicles

    Pellicles are available now and in fact are being used on some layers in production today. ASML is also introducing a new higher transmission pellicle. This is old news.
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    CES 2021 Intel new cpu. Question about the 10nm yield

    I think the yield issue is how they are patterning M0 and M1, the whole sequence is unlike anything I have ever seen. I recently saw SEM images of the 10nm Super Fin M0 and M1 layers from TechInsights and the patterns look terrible.
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    Intel to Focus on Truth and Transparency!

    For TSMC going from 7nm to 5nm they have taken multi-patterned layers and converted them to EUV. Multi-patterned layers have multiple masks with complex mask interactions requiring complex design rules. EUV is much more straight forward from a patterning and design rule perspective. For Intel...