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Search results

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    TSM Revolutionizing Ultrasound Chip

    Agreed that there are so much more structural issues to the US medical system than a lack of tech. It's a cool and useful device, but it's no silver bullet.
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    Aeva, New take on Lidar and its uses,

    Nope, didn't bother with the physics at all. We tried to solve it with VLSI design as you said. We used some VCSELs because those were my advisor's comfort zone, he was in-and-out familiar with them, and AFAIK we didn't do anything special with them. The system as a whole was very conventional...
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    TSMC to Build Fab in Arizona and They are Hiring!

    I can understand that one. The semiconductor talent in America is mostly concentrated in California, but CA is both pretty darn short on greenfield land and extremely litigious. Propose some plant a couple hours outside the Bay that's going to be using a bunch of toxic chemicals, and it will get...
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    Samsung all-in on 3nm: liklihood of overtaking TSMC?

    I work in Serdes verification with a fabless company; close enough to know about VLSI design and the foundry process, but far enough away to not be plugged in to all the news. Been reading the news on semiconductor processes just out of personal interest and that's how I found this board. So...
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    Aeva, New take on Lidar and its uses,

    Interesting. I worked on a project in grad school about 3 years ago to build a similar kind of LIDAR SoC (just using the standard time of flight approach). The project failed, and the killer issue we ran into was beam spread. We couldn't get enough distance to be useful without having a really...