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Search results

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    Save Arm - Arm is being sold to Nvidia - Help Stop it!

    Big difference between Linux and RISC-V is that RISC-V does not have a Linus Torvalds. The originators of RISC-V are tied up in SiFive who are heavily competing with the other RISC-V players. I do hope RISC-V will dominate the CPU landscape as Linux did for UNIX but the current constellation is...
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    SiFive Announces OpenFive, an Industry-Leading Custom Silicon Business Unit

    Anyone who can clarify what the 'Open' in OpenFive stands for ? I get 'OpenUNIX (tm)' flashbacks.
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    Soitec announces POI substrates business agreement with Qualcomm Technologies for 5G RF filters

    Oh, were are the times, when I was almost thrown of this site when claiming "ST's FDSOI devices were not the best thing since sliced bread"... ;)
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    European Processor Initiative (EPI) - thoughts on EU establishing HPC chip design industry?

    My opinion is also that this program will just fill the pockets of some people and companies without having any noticeable impact on the hierarchy of the microelectronics industry.
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    Along came a trojan? GDSII vs Silicon check

    I think they are now part of TechInsights providing their Circuit Analysis service. I also think it will cost you a figure with 5 or 6 digits. Personally I have been thinking about timing behavior of the ATPG test; e.g. increase the clock frequency of the testing and see if it starts to fail...
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    why EUV instead of 157 immersion?

    Actually 157nm non-immersion lithography was already killed by 193nm immersion because of the engineering problems for 157nm. Also I don't think you will find any liquid with right properties to be used as immersion fluid (viscosity, needed purity, etc) and be transparent enough for 157nm light.
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    Intel vs AMD Keynotes at CES!

    Some youtube references on how far ahead AMD is in the server space; typically Intel territory:
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    Pentagon Working with TSMC?

    That ROW then does not include Russia or big part of Africa and another four years of Trump will not help America to keep it's allies. Sure, Russia in not the economic and military power it used to be and Africa has nothing worth mentioning in that regard. But China is here for the long run with...
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    SiFive Recognized as Most Respected Private Semiconductor Company

    "Most Respected Private Semiconductor Company" Who comes up with these 'awards' ?
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    GLOBALFOUNDRIES Files Patent Infringement Lawsuits

    Thanks, for listing the patents. I have only looked briefly to a few of the patents but to me it seems difficult for most of them to pass the non-obvious criteria, e.g. non-obvious "to a person having ordinary skill in the art to which the claimed invention pertains.". I was in the technology...
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    1.2 Trillion transistor chip? Yes - Cerebras

    What I understood is that the interconnect was not done in a separate wafer because of power considerations; normal metal layers of the process were used and arrangement with TSMC to allow having interconnect over the scribe line structure.
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    1.2 Trillion transistor chip? Yes - Cerebras

    I don't interpret the slides meaning that they mount different dies on a substrate. I do interpret the slides they are really doing wafer scale chip and needed interconnects over the scribe line to achieve that. I don't interpret the slides that they use wire bonding or an interposer for the...
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    Samsung plans to "Japan" all semiconductor materials ?

    Which, of course is 100% objective ;). I would make a distinction between the type of engineer. I do think there is a lot of difference between a front-end (e.g RTL), back-end (e.g. P&R) and an analog designer. I will keep my thoughts on intelligence and type of EDA engineer for myself if you...
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    Can We Believe The Hype About China’s Domestic IC Production Plans?

    I was not involved in that project and don't know how it turned out; especially because I left the technology side @ imec more than 7 years ago.
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    Can We Believe The Hype About China’s Domestic IC Production Plans?

    With that boundary condition we could both be right. I see it perfectly possible that China can produce much more of their semiconductors in house without ever having to run the latest leading edge node. I see it perfectly possible that Mediatek will produce a lot of mobile processors and a lot...
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    Can We Believe The Hype About China’s Domestic IC Production Plans?

    China has been trying for years/decennia to get substantial IC production off the ground. With the marching on of Moore's law they were never be able to catch up. With the slowing of Moore's law I do think this will give China opportunity to catch up. Also I think it's a long term goal for them...
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    Orconf 2017

    Just a small note to inform all that Orconf 2017 is approaching. This year, yours truly will have two presentations on the conference: Chips4Makers 'Bootstrapping open source low-volume ASICs' RFC: Is open source from Venus and commercial from Mars ? 'On an (impossible?) quest for an open...
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    OrConf 16

    I guess in the 'professional' EDA world open source is almost invisible. But something is brewing although still early phase and several road blocks ahead. For progress and discussions hapening in that area one can have a look at the last ORCONF conference. Videos of the presentations are...
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    Coverity Scan Report

    Coverity, now part of Synopsys put out their yearly Open Source Scan Report: Coverity Scan Open Source Report Shows Commercial Code Is More Compliant to Security Standards than Open Source Code What strikes me is the change in emphasis now on how closed source software is better standard...
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    Hell freezes over? An FPGA company using Intel as foundry reaching production status.

    After Tabula closing it's doors it seems not all FPGA companies using Intels technology are doomed. I just let the marketing do it's talk: