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  1. Daniel Nenni

    TSMC Earnings solid, HPC leads growth

    Per the slide on revenue per platform: 45% of revenue is smartphones (5% growth). Wow, the gift that keeps on giving! HPC is 32% (23% growth), IoT is 8%, (15% growth), Automotive is 5% (3% growth), DCE 6% (-3%), others 4% (-2%). Per the slide on revenue per technology: 20nm 1%, 16nm is 23%...
  2. Daniel Nenni

    TSMC Earnings solid, HPC leads growth

    Here are the slides: And here is the trabnscript...
  3. Daniel Nenni

    Semi Content in Electronic Systems Forecast to Drop to 26.4% in 2019

    Falling IC ASPs to cause semiconductor content to plunge this year after setting a record high of 31.1% last year. In its upcoming Mid-Year Update to The McClean Report 2019 (to be released at the end of July), IC Insights forecasts that the 2019 global electronic systems market will grow 4% to...
  4. Daniel Nenni

    Intel auctioning off 5G patents

    Maybe Intel will just open them up? That would be disruptive.
  5. Moortec Wiki

    Moortec provides compelling embedded subsystem IP solutions for Process, Voltage & Temperature (PVT) monitoring, targeting advanced node CMOS technologies from 40nm down to 7nm. Moortec’s in-chip sensing solutions support the semiconductor desi
  6. ETA Compute Wiki

    Eta Compute was founded in 2015 with the vision that the proliferation of intelligent devices at the network edge will make daily life safer, healthier, comfortable and more convenient without sacrificing privacy and security. It’s recently launched DI
  7. CEVA Wiki

    CEVA is the leading licensor of Signal processing platforms and AI processors for a smarter, connected world. We partner with semiconductor companies and OEMs worldwide to create power-efficient, intelligent and connected devices for a range of end mar
  8. ArterisIP Wiki

    Arteris provides Network-on-Chip (NoC) ( interconnect semiconductor intellectual property (IP) to System on Chip (SoC) makers so they can reduce cycle time, increase margins, and easily
  9. ARM Wiki

    Arm, Ltd. is synonymous with IP. The company has done more to shape the semiconductor industry and to enable the growth of modern electronic gadgets than any other IP company. In this section, Arm tells its story. It was on the 26th of April 1985 (at
  10. Analog Bits Wiki

    Analog Bits, Inc. is the leader in developing and delivering low-power integrated clocking and interconnect IP that are pervasive in virtually all of today's semiconductors. Products include precision clocking macros such as PLLs and DLLs, program...
  11. Synopsys Wiki

    Synopsys technology is at the heart of innovations that are changing the way we live and work. The Internet of Things. Autonomous cars. Wearables. Smart medical devices. Secure financial services. Machine learning and computer vision. These bre
  12. Silvaco Wiki

    *Silvaco, Inc.* is a leading EDA provider of software tools used for process and device development and for analog/mixed-signal, power IC and memory design. The portfolio also includes tools for power integrity sign off, red
  13. MunEDA Wiki

    MunEDA provides leading EDA technology for analysis and optimization of yield and performance of analog, mixed-signal and digital designs. MunEDA's products and solutions enable customers to reduce the design times of their circuits and to maxi
  14. Mentor Graphics Wiki

    Mentor Graphics Corporation, a Siemens business, is a world leader in electronic hardware and software design solutions, providing products, consulting services, and award-winning support for the world’s most successful electronic, semiconductor, and s
  15. Magwel Wiki

    Magwel® offers 3D field solver and simulation based analysis and design solutions for digital, analog/mixed-signal, power management, automotive, and RF semiconductors. Magwel® software products address power device design with Rdson extraction
  16. Magillem Wiki

    *Magillem* delivers EDA Front-end design environment software that provides seamless integration across Specification, Design, and Documentation processes. *Magillem* sells to large corporations in semiconductors & emb
  17. Intento Design Wiki

    Analog design is still significantly less automated than digital design flows and it remains the bottleneck in integrated circuit (IC) system development. The ability of a semiconductor company to capture system level value is often put at risk
  18. Fractal Technologies Wiki

    Fractal Technologies is a privately held company with offices in San Jose, California and Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The company was founded by a small group of highly recognized EDA professionals. Fractal Technologies is dedicated to provide
  19. Empyrean Wiki

    Empyrean Software provides electronic design automation (EDA) software, design IPs and design services, including analog and mixed-signal IC design solutions, SoC design optimization solutions, and Flat Panel Design (FPD) solutions and customiz
  20. Amiq EDA Wiki

    Established in 2008 as an EDA software company. We have encountered three recurring challenges during our consulting work: developing new code to meet tight schedules, understanding legacy or poorly documented code, and getting new engineers up to spee