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    Semi Content in Electronic Systems Forecast to Drop to 26.4% in 2019

    The biggest growth opportunity for the semi sector is to apply its ability to mass produce and lower costs while increasing functionality to the MEMS sector which Morris Chang stated is one of the greatest opportunities for mankind and industry. We are seeing just the tip of the spear and...
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    Survey paper on Micron's Automata Processor

    Do you have any opinion if 3dXpoint technology will play a part in Automata or similar technologies? I know Micron spun off their AI division, but haven't have any idea how the spin off agreement reads, which is critical when studying the business and technical ramifications.
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    AI Plays Poker, Design Chips?

    From everything I've read the poker AI programs were able to deal with varying bets. I have read several articles were top pro players said they didn't stand a chance no matter what they did. I'm sure they greatly varied their bets as just one of the many strategies they tried to use to defeat...
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    AI Plays Poker, Design Chips?

    I have read about other AI programs playing against professional poker players in the past year and they said they didn't stand a chance, but I don't know all the specifics.
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    Survey paper on Micron's Automata Processor

    Does anyone have an opinion on where Micron is on the path to Automata if at all?
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    AI Plays Poker, Design Chips?

    Dan, from what I understand about GAN AI is that the two adversarial networks go point counter point so fast they develop and learn literally every strategy on their own and would be able to pick the very best strategy on every play what ever the game is or task for that matter. Any thoughts or...
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    AI Plays Poker, Design Chips?

    ou Arthur. As a poker player and semiconductor professional I knew it was only a matter of time before AI dominated game play. The advantage AI has is that it can quickly evaluate hands and not make emotional decisions. AI can also evaluate all known players through previous games. The players...
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    AI Plays Poker, Design Chips?

    Dan, from a conference call I listened to I had the understanding that the new AI gaming programs didn't need records of the previous players play. The reference I had was to chess, but they stated they only gave the AI the rules only and no game records what so ever and the AI developed its own...
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    AI Plays Poker, Design Chips?

    If AI can master the very complex game of poker against the very top champions, how long before it conquers complex tasks like designing chips or just about anything else. If not fully designing chips it should be able to leverage human designers dramatically. It could be in the future humans...
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    Metalenses to Advance Chip Fabrication

    A type of lens designed to focus light and beams into a pattern instead of a point look to radically change chip fabrication. Thoughts, comments on possible implementation and the possible time line for this would be appreciated. It will be interesting to see if we might see a MEMS lens that...
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    2.5 nm Transistor, Thermal Electronic Layer Etching/ALE

    This looks like one more method of advancing Moore's law while increasing performance. Not only that, the team that developed them found they perform 60% better than FinFETS. Any thoughts or comments on this process would be appreciated, such as potential time to market and the viability in...
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    Smart Home Security Threat

    With new platforms coming out at an ever increasing rate, some type of security certificate system needs to be developed so the customer commercial or private can at least have some sense of security in their digital life. The threat below which exposes just about everything in a smart home...
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    Dutch/Japanese Model for China/US

    The Dutch and Japanese built a model of cooperation that benefited both, when the other major powers couldn't get past their differences. Cooperation between China and the US could set the stage for cooperation between the two powers that could set the stage for mutual progress far faster than...
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    Semis Make Knowledge a Utility

    Excellent book, read it years ago and even sent a copy to associates and it is recommended reading. Platforms are the future for they become like living organisms that can adapt, grow and change with the environment. They will displace much of modern education because of this.
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    Semis Make Knowledge a Utility

    Semis have built a rapidly evolving foundation that is changing the world at an ever accelerating rate that I describe as the "Great Acceleration". New platforms that make knowledge a utility are being created at an ever expanding rate with one of the latest being Data Science As A Service or...
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    Can We Believe The Hype About China’s Domestic IC Production Plans?

    IP is the real issue and will become more so as conflicts arise in not just semis, but all industries. IP and Data are the new gold and oil and the conflicts arising from this change are far reaching and will have many unpredictable turns and changes. Hopefully China will play to their...
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    ARM Suspends Business With Huawei Just As EE Removes Huawei Phones From 5G launch

    Dan, if a company was to use unlicensed EDA tools, would they leave a fingerprint on the final design that could be confirmed in a court of law and what is your opinion on the legal ramifications if any? Also, would this be applicable to pieces of unlicensed chip designs?
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    ARM Suspends Business With Huawei Just As EE Removes Huawei Phones From 5G launch

    We have a serious problem, China has already stolen over a trillion dollars and probably much more IP, giving them a huge economic boost. Before both sides can do anything we have to address this and come to a mutually acceptable IP protection protocols that are transparent and have an...
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    Nvidia AI Reading Medical Imaging

    With AI and associated hardware advancing at a blistering pace MIT has called for the end to training radiologists due to technology soon advancing to the point they are rendered obsolete with AI systems able to the job with lower costs, higher quality and greater speed. Nvidia chips provide a...
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    Phononics, Semis Provide Cooling

    Phononics is going to lead the semiconductor cooling revolution in using semiconductors to provide energy efficient, non toxic cooling. Demo units are already out and we should be seeing major changes in not only refrigeration, but heat transfer of all types. Heat transfer using this technology...