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Search results

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    Anarchist WILL Hurt Tech sector

    Anarchist and the havoc they are causing will hurt not only the tech sector, but the entire economy. Draining valuable resources of all types to produce a constant stream of negative results is severely hurting everything, including the tech sector. Wreaking destruction and havoc randomly is a...
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    Taiwan, Fulcrum of the World, Staggering Danger

    Taiwan has become the fulcrum of the world with TSM the foundation of its ecosystem. With advanced semis literally becoming key to everything, having so much of the world's key technical power that would be extremely difficult, if not impossible to duplicate in a timely manner, has put the...
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    Tesla, Semis Good Friend

    Tesla is a very good friend to the semi sector, not only driving technology, but broadening the entire ecosystem. Tesla uses large amounts of semis for its size, which is only getting larger every day. It uses semis in its highly automated manufacturing, the car itself, the charging network...
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    Deep Learning Neural Accelerator ?s

    I know Micron is working in this area and suspect TSM is also working in this area, MU with 3dXpoint memory and TSM with Crossbar for their customers. Any thoughts or comments on deep learning neural accelerators, their uses, future and market size would be appreciated. It seems these may be...
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    Battery Technologies and Semis, a 92 Billion Growing Market

    Battery technologies are becoming the great race due to the rapidly increasing use in just about everything, making a market of ever increasing importance, attracting ever more investment and technologies. With a CAGR of over 12%, it is one of the fastest growing mega markets out there and...
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    Will TSM ever become an analog foundry?

    TSM obviously has many of the resources of all types to become an analog foundry, will TSM ever pursue this? This question and any other thoughts on TSM expanding into new areas would be appreciated.
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    Technology Requires Wisdom to Avoid Destruction

    Semis and new battery technology has made sleeper weapons of all types and varieties a new very dangerous and potent force. Imagine sleeper torpedoes that could wait for years for an activation and targeting information or sea and land based mines set up the same way. This would also be...
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    TSM Reaches Critical Mass, Technically and Financially

    TSM has reached a critical mass both technically and financially, making it ever more difficult for the competition. Since they make a full range and semis at many nodes they can extract economies of scale no one else can match. Combine this with a very supportive government and a very...
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    What Ecosystems to Dominate AI/ML, Hardware and Software?

    At this early stage what companies does the SemiWiki community feel will dominate AI/ML in software and hardware, or is it still a free for all? As far as AI I have little doubt TSM will be the fab of choice and MU will provide the memory. Everything else I feel is still up in the air. Also...
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    2D Metal to Replace Silicon in Memory??

    Researchers have discovered a way to use shifts between 2D layers of metal that may prove more dense than silicon for use in storage. Any thoughts or opinions on this would be welcome. Could this lead to other changes in the semi/nanotech sector or just be another scientific curiosity...
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    Any Thoughts/Observations on Chinese Military and Semis?

    Numerous articles over many, many years have been posted on the influence and ownership connections of numerous companies being controlled or heavily influenced by the Chinese military or PLA. Any thoughts, comments or observations of the impact of this and where it may be leading would be...
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    Silicon Anode improves Battery Performance

    Semi technology even on a large scale is advancing at a rapid clip and batteries becoming more important and widespread have become a key area for advancement. Between battery, solar and energy harvesting advancements through semiconductor technologies we will see unexpected changes in fields...
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    Any AI/ML platforms set to dominate?

    In my research I'm finding organizations are having a difficult time implementing and applying AI/ML. Does any one feel there is a dominant AI/ML platforms in the works or are we still in the wild west stage with no clear leaders? Will the standards end up being more hardware based or software...
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    Deep Learning on CPU instead of GPU, Platforms will Rule

    Out of MIT has come a process for applying deep learning to a standard CPU instead of a more complex GPU. This could be a serious step towards spreading the use of deep learning over a much broader base at lower cost, bringing fundamental changes to almost everything we touch. This is an...
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    ?s on EDA Technology, other applications

    Knowing very little about EDA, I have a few questions as to other applications of the knowledge base. Is it possible much of the same knowledge, skill sets and templates could be used to automate platforms and the interface of AI systems and platforms for everyday use? If this is possible...
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    Google, May Radically Change our World, Again

    Google is extending the functionality of the smart phone into a personal assistant and this is just going to be the beginning. How long will it be until the phone does it all, from telling you your real time medical condition, to even becoming your work place? This would take the smart phone...
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    Economic Danger Never Greater/Semis

    The US being the world's largest economy, presents a grave danger to the world economy as a whole. The combination of coronavirus, race/economic riots/conflict combined with the China conflict present dangers to everything not seen in years. This is leading to a loose, loose situation for all...
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    High Power Transistors to Change the World

    The possibilities behind these new transistors is limitless with almost more applications than I can imagine with the power to change electrical switches in almost everything, lowering cost, size and speed eventually. If these are scaled up that changes to switch gear in industry could be...
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    Semis, Ecosystem as Valuable as Semis

    The value of the semi/nanotech ecosystem extends far beyond semis and nanotech devices and has unrealized potential to be extended to numerous other areas. The systems such as EDA and manipulation of materials by numerous means have much additional value that remains to be fully exploited in...
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    IP The New Gold with a Half Life

    The main issue for many companies, not just tech and semis, is rampant IP theft in virtually all areas by Chinese companies. This problem should be attacked by legal means in the courts and would involve everything from sanctions to seizures. Many of these laws are already in place around the...