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Search results

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    The US educational and medical systems should be the target of AI/ML implementation

    Both US medical and education consume staggering amounts of resources and time. AI/ML systems combined with intense automation provide a partial solution to the flaws both these systems have. If we don't change these two areas that consume massive amounts of time and resources, the US will be...
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    The AI/ML Tidal wave is in its early stages, Danger and Opportunity

    Some are saying the chip/AI/ML stocks are about to take a hit after the massive interest in them. They are wrong, the world is just in the very early stages of dispersing and depth of use of AI/ML. AI/ML are set to be the largest disrupters in the history of man. AI/ML will propel scientific...
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    Is Graphene part of the future for chips/ A member said the original link is bad, this is the new one. My thanks to fellow member Tanj for correcting it.
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    Taiwan Conflict, The first Drone/Hacking War, Tech the next battleground, We should prepare now

    Nuclear weapons can also be delivered by cheap torpedoes, trucks, ships, planes and even in shipping containers that stay in place until triggered. Delivery of nuclear weapons could be done months even years in advance. Just think what a nuclear sea or land mine could do. They say after the...
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    Taiwan Conflict, The first Drone/Hacking War, Tech the next battleground, We should prepare now

    No one wins a nuclear war and if there is one, the next war will be fought with stones and clubs.
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    Taiwan Conflict, The first Drone/Hacking War, Tech the next battleground, We should prepare now

    What about nuclear delivered by drones? They basically are now.
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    Is Graphene part of the future for chips/

    It looks like graphene may become a major game changer in the very foundation of the tech sector. Just in the last year there have been many breakthroughs in this area, thoughts on this would be appreciated, Thanks...
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    Taiwan Conflict, The first Drone/Hacking War, Tech the next battleground, We should prepare now

    The semi sector is changing everything including warfare, for the next major conflict may be largely conducted by drones of all types, sea, land and air combined with hacking data systems on a scale not even imagined. Warfare is going to change in ways most haven't even imagined, I see even...
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    AI/ML as a Service, The Future, Integrity of the TSM ecosystem

    As the cost of cutting-edge AI/ML technology and software are high, I feel both will become a product sold as a service for this is the best result for the producers and users economically and time wise. To spread the cost over the largest base possible and to be able to offer specialized...
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    The development and application of AI/ML still in early stages, Costs will come down.

    I see the development of AI/ML is still in its early stages and costs and power required will go down and performance go up. New ways of achieving these goals will come as AI/ML attract more talent and attention. We won't recognize the AI/ML structures we will see in the next five years. Just...
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    Will retail outlets and warehouses become giant vending machines?

    Given the advances coming in highly automated warehouses, they are set to replace a significant part of the retail industry thanks to increasing shrink and inherent inefficiencies in the current retail/warehouse infrastructure. The massive efficiencies to be gained by fully automated warehouses...
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    How will AI/ML change/lower the value of education and skill sets?

    With AI/ML coming on strong with new models and applications at an ever-accelerating rate how do readers feel this will change the value of education and skill sets? Will learning skip over learning facts and working with them to learning how to use the latest AI/ML systems. With knowledge...
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    The Automation of Everything, Massive Social and Economic Disruption

    Individuals and society have to wake up to the "Automation of Everything" that AI/ML is enabling across our entire economic structure in a way that's morphing and changing beyond our comprehension. It's now not only physical work that's being automated, but the professions at a rate once...
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    How soon will robotics take on dental?

    The Chinese have been leading on robotic dental and robotically assisted dental. With technology allowing a far better view in the mouth and robotic arms smaller and more articulate than any human hand, robotics seem like a natural in this area. Any thoughts on this trend will take place in...
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    Graphene to Replace Silicon? Is it viable?

    Any thoughts about what place graphene may play in the semi sector if any at all?
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    Aerial video: See Micron’s $15 billion Boise project from the air

    Thanks for the excellent video, it looks like Micron wants to continue to lead.
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    Converting Texas oil well to geothermal plants, Stanford This is more comprehensive data on the potential and not student papers
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    AI will change the structure of society, danger ahead

    Besides being a technical wonder, AI/ML will change the world in business, social, political and financial structures in ways most outside the tech industry can hardly imagine or even comprehend. Disruption is coming on at an ever-accelerating rate and it's time for society, government...
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    Data Centers and Data Markets

    In the near future or even present in a few forms it looks like data centers with different specialties will form separate markets for their increasing differentiated computing and data sets. This should sustain growth in both volume, price and quality. Any thoughts, comments or additions...