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Search results

  1. TDaly

    IBM seeks billions after GlobalFoundries drops chip effort

    IBM divested its Microelectronics Division to GF because the corporation did not view Micro as strategic - for years. It was capital intensive, IBM was migrating to software and services, MD was not profitable, and IBM's Fishkill facility would have required significant investment to enable a...
  2. TDaly

    T J Rodgers Says Government Wastes Money

    Rodgers makes a correct argument for a free market approach to the general issue of supply-demand and sourcing in industry. The invisible hand knows better than government. Industries that whiffed on demand forecasting and inventory management during COVID (or any other time for that matter)...
  3. TDaly

    Not Enough Demand in Europe for a Dedicated Foundry?

    As this "techno-nationalism" trend continues, my view is that market access, and therefore a region's Consumption TAM, becomes a more important lever. So the discussion will move away from the optimization of the global integrated supply chain, or whether a geo has enough demand from design...
  4. TDaly

    Intel CEO to attend White House meeting on chip supply chain

    My view - there is a good argument for the US to allocate more resources to bolster US-based manufacturing, but only at a level sufficient to meet the needs of US national security (defense, intel, cyber, space) and other critical infrastructure. The goal is not, and should not be...
  5. TDaly

    Killing the Golden Goose

    Beneath the understandable exclusive focus on COVID-19, a policy time bomb continues to tick. Should the US embargo Huawei’s access to US semiconductor technology? The United States views Huawei as a national security threat and is working to convince allies to join a US boycott on deploying...