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Search results

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    Solution for System of Systems

    Today, we need system level automation which includes a complete assembly of ASICs, FPGAs, Cables, PC Boards, and meticulously designed Enclosures. On top of that, we require software, networks, and all kinds of tools. The EDA vendors who were focusing on IC implementation and verification are...
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    Now Facebook in data privacy spate

    In the midst of a long debate between Apple and FBI on the security of data in iPhone, today I heard a Facebook executive has been arrested in Brazil for not sharing the data about a criminal involved in drug trafficking. Diego Dzodan, VP of Facebook for Latin America was arrested in Sao Paulo...
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    Real testing of Drones

    Good to know that AT&T is partnering with Intel to test Drones on high-speed LTE wireless networks. Interestingly, now Drones will be tested at higher altitudes amid potential interference with airwaves related to video streaming and flight information. I guess it will be a testing in...
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    Would you report to a Robo?

    It's not too far, you would discover that your new boss is a Robot, you can call it Cobot to sound better. Gartner says that by 2018 more than 3 million workers will be supervised by "robo bosses". The Robo will be able to observe you, recognize things and faces, and make decisions for you! The...
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    Samsung phones regain leadership in India

    In December quarter, Samsung increased its Smartphone share by about 5% in Indian market and became number one. Now Samsung smartphone share stands at 26.8%. Since the increase in Samsung share came at the expense of its closest rival, Micromax, the difference between the two has widened...
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    Intel & Qualcomm collaborate!

    A perception that the arch rivals will never collaborate is broken amid this chaotic situation in chip industry. Intel and Qualcomm have joined hand to collaborate and expand their business in WiGig wireless communication technology. A detailed report is HERE. Can we expect this...
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    Alphabet Vs Apple

    Earlier this week Google's parent company Alphabet stood at a market value of $555 billion while the market value of Apple stood at $533 billion. At one point of time we were looking at Apple for 1 trillion dollar valuation in future, will it ever achieve? Alphabet's revenue is largely...
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    Autonomous s/w Agents and VPAs

    The upcoming paradigm shift in economics dominated by IoT (i.e. close relationship between machines and humans) will give rise to what Gartner calls programmable economy which is actually driven by large number of algorithms. In its report on predictions beyond 2016, Gartner says by 2020...
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    Sony pushing IoT

    Sony is going beyond cameras for smartphones. They are acquiring Altair Semiconductor to get into IoT bandwagon. Altair is an Israeli company, develops modern chips for 4th generation cellular technology. Their chipsets can connect smart meters, security systems, and even cars to internet...
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    A perfect IoT Thing!

    While we are seeing IoT coming up fast in many sectors; in home appliances this Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is really smart thing. It was on display in CES 2016, I can see it from remote as of now. Wow, this is a perfect example of things which we are going to see in near future, IoT is...
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    Qualcomm's new ventures

    Recently Qualcomm has been collaborating with multiple medical companies to infuse semiconductor technologies into medicals. Earlier this month Qualcomm Life formed a joint venture with Novartis to develop digital smart inhaler for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)...
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    RealSense & Typhoon H

    In my article "Semiconductor Future Hinges on a Single Pillar", I had mentioned about some of the technologies to be very prominent in near future - Drone was one among those. I am happy to see Drones coming into limelight. I had also watched the CES 2016 panel on "Future of Urban Mobility"...
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    Casio Smartwatch to outsmart others?

    During this CES 2016, Casio has finally unveiled its Smartwatch. Read my earlier blog on Casio's ambition in Smartwatch market - What is Casio's Strategy for Smartwatch The features of an Smartwatch are not new to Casio, they had those in different forms in their earlier digital watches. In...
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    Alphabet in VR

    It's Google of Alphabet that has high ambitions in Virtual Reality. VR devices are going to be in focus in coming years. Google has created a new dedicated division for VR computing. Clay Bavor, who was earlier heading Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, and other apps, will now head the...
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    Li-Fi and Transportation

    We have heard about Li-Fi (Light Fidelity), that's about 100 times faster than our Wi-Fi. Although Li-Fi cannot completely replace Wi-Fi (I can talk about it later), it can definitely be a boon for future autonomous cars. As it works very well with LED lamps, it can be very effectively used...
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    BlackBerry's New Ventures

    Once an smartphone pioneer, BlackBerry is entering newer areas. It's QNX software is ready for self-driving cars that can sense obstacles, communicate with other vehicles in its vicinity to avoid accidents, and keep from straying from highway lanes. Ford already uses QNX for in-vehicle...
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    Wide-area wireless for high-speed Internet

    In CES 2016, Leti will be demonstrating "TV White Space modem", the world’s first wide-area, wireless technology based on the IEEE 1900.7 standard, providing high-speed Internet service over long-distances from just one access point. This wireless network solution uses adjacent spectrum bands...
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    Who's buying Fairchild?

    Latest news I am hearing about Fairchild's acquisition is that China Resources Holdings Co. along with some others has made an offer of $21.7 per share of Fairchild. Earlier ON Semiconductor had offered $20 per share of Fairchild which amounted to a total of $2.4 billion. Another suitor for...
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    SanDisk is next to be acquired?

    Rumors are that Micron and Western Digital are eyeing on acquiring the largest flash-memory maker SanDisk. While Micron is a rival to SanDisk, Western Digital appears to be a complementary story adding flash memory chips to its hard drive business based on spinning magnetic disks. Recently...
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    $67 billion acquisition this time

    Dell is acquiring EMC for $67 billion, the largest ever in technology domain. EMC is known for corporate IT software, security solution, storage solution etc. Details HERE. How big can you think the deals can be in the coming days?