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Search results

  1. Dan Clein

    Chipmaker TSMC needs to hire 4,500 Americans at its new Arizona plants. Its ‘brutal’ corporate culture is getting in the way

    I found one in LinkedIn Dylan Patel Chief Analyst at SemiAnalysis but he has no history of working or studying anywhere... On his website he claims a few thousands subscribers.
  2. Dan Clein

    China Conflict, Golden Opportunity, Tech Should Lead

    I am trying very hard to understand what are you proposing. If you propose that all countries should reduce defence budgets to spend on technology sounds good but... US is spending 3.7% of GDP into army and China only 1.7%. US GDP 19.5trillion in 2017, China 1.2 in the same year. So percentage...
  3. Dan Clein

    EETimes: TSMC's Arizona Culture Clash

    The article is very realistic but one thing is missing in it: Why is TSMC investing is US? Is it money? Is it market expansion? Is it resource augmentation? Or is the US guarding Taiwan against China? Or the fact that in case China does enter Taiwan where is TSMC without external fab capacity...
  4. Dan Clein

    Intel Lacks a Strong Ecosystem

    What you have to realize is that Intel success as a foundry provider was not good enough in the last 10 years. The foundry was used to tell design teams internally that “this is it” manage your design to fit the process. The word “service” meant different things than in TSMC case. If they want...
  5. Dan Clein

    The Unorthodox Manager - a book written from the front line management

    People Management is never black or white, it has many shades of grey… Too many corporate managers hide behind the policies of the companies they work for, sidestepping growth opportunities in the name of political correctness and opting for an “all-is-business” approach that deprives everyone...
  6. Dan Clein

    TSMC Receives 13k Job Applications For U.S. Chip Plant

    I have a simple question and maybe you can find some answers: What are the financial incentives from US government in subsidizing the fab development? After all TSMC will not come and invest money, time and technology just because somebody asked them nicely...
  7. Dan Clein

    EDA is the Safest Space in Semiconductors!

    My name is Dan also, the other one (!). Being close to TSMC Ottawa for the last 7 years I can tell you that IP that they create is free. The one that they create/migrate for customers is super protected, not even contractors can touch it :) So this is not even a valid question. To answer to the...