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Search results

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    How Will AI/ML Evolve?

    Will we see some form of AI/ML run on phones, laptops and PCs? Will AI be split into levels to reduce latency and where it is applied? Will AI be split into levels depending on different needs of different users? Any thoughts of the future structures of how AI/ML will be appreciated. Will...
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    With new technologies will Crossbar phase change memory become viable?

    There is work still being done in this area, any information on where it might go would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.
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    Nvidia is linking Grace Hopper Super Chips for Super computers Nvidia is linking their high end chips together to create a new supercomputer class. Any thoughts or comments on this would be greatly...
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    Ultra Pure Silicon to Open new frontier in chips? It looks like this advance may make significant improvements in chip performance. Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.
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    A 300 MPH street car and tech getting out of hand? I have no doubt this car has numerous semis in it of all types from the engine to traction control, braking and other functions and...
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    What technologies will replace shrink?

    Shrink is rapidly coming to an end and what changes in architecture and software will be the next frontiers to replace it? Will it be larger chips or ways of offloading functions to other adjoining chips? Will communications improve to the point that the next area of competition will be in...
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    Apple joining the chip race

    Apple plays to win and has the resources, money, ecosystem and mindset to win. Any thoughts or comments appreciated. It will be interesting to see how Apple will apply AI/ML to everthing possible. Apple is all about ecosystems and will plays to win and dominate. Any thoughts, comments or...
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    World's first programable photonic chip Any thoughts on how far away widespread application might be and the changes to the semi market? Will the...
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    How will AI/ML models be graded and measured? Will AI/ML be restricted in its access? Everything will change

    Who wants to waste a lot of time picking an AI/ML platform, just like people and businesses look at reputation and ratings before making any major purchases, even minor ones sometimes. Like they have said "Mistakes are human, to really screw up takes a computer" from the early days when the...
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    How will AI/ML models be graded and measured? Will AI/ML be restricted in its access? Everything will change

    With more AI/ML models coming out, how will they be measured for performance, accuracy and efficiency. Also will there be established a format for what AI/ML models will have access to and will there be a way for sites to determine if AI/ML is using them and to what degree. Will there be...
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    Where is all the power going to come from for AI/ML

    More like when they can't use their appliances, heater, air conditioning and most of all their television or charge their cell phone.
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    AI and Robotics to Change Everything, from War to Politics to Business to Social Structures

    Never in human history have we seen such a challenge to human intellect, talent and ability to adapt that have all been automated to and are becoming more automated at an ever-increasing rate. New social, business and government structures are going to have to be built to fully utilizes the...
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    China Taking Taiwan, Fear Mongers Rule

    I have no doubt China could take Taiwan, but the disruption to trade would make the war look like a footnote. China would lose access to its biggest markets in the western world and the supply of advanced chips would take years to recover. China would also have to deal with unconventional...
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    AI and Robotics set to change everything.

    Already AI can beat the best doctors for reading mammograms by twenty percent for spotting breast cancer. This is just a small step in AI dominating in ever more fields of endeavor. Combined with advances in all semiconductors combined with robotics the AI/ML and coming robotics revolution...
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    Power Challenges at Nevada Data Center campus

    We have had as I have noted here before, the US has had reliable, small nukes since 1954 when we launched the submarine Nautilus. We now have numerous nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers that have been operating for decades. Note, our sailors sleep and work with yards of these reactors...
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    Power Challenges at Nevada Data Center campus

    Nevada has the world's largest data center campus east of Reno and power consumption is becoming a key issue. The hunt for more power is on and small, modular nukes are under consideration. This is directly from a neighbor that works there. The hunt for more power is on and it looks like all...
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    Where is all the power going to come from for AI/ML

    AI/ML consume power like it's an unlimited resource and it isn't. I feel a combination of power saving technologies on the semiconductor end and small modular nuclear power plants like we have in submarines and aircraft carriers will be the best answer to this current and coming challenge...
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    Drone Submarines and Ocean development, A semi market of staggering size

    A submarine is one of the most complex weapons of war and to be autonomous the number of semiconductors involved in the numerous functions, especially in a submarine designed or warfare, must be extreme and of the latest generations. It is the military that drives much of innovation and with...
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    Moving computational power to where it is needed is the trend.

    With the cost of computational power coming down in cost, size and power consumption more and more computational power will be moved to where it is used the most. It will also require ever increasing specialization of functions. Cost/benefit analysis across entire ecosystems will become the...