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Search results

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    Intel's Guadi 3 Flop

    Gaudi is not a "catholic church architect", even if he has built a cathedral in Barcelona. He was an influent designer of the 1900's, building houses you would dream to live, designing crazy parks your kids will love to play. If you have a chance to go to Barcelona, visit the "Sagrada Familia"...
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    The Intel (INTC) CEO Pat Gelsinger on Q1 2021 Results Discussion

    From this article you mention: "going from one chiplet to another requires a bus, whereas that's not the case with Intel's tile design."... it doesn't really help! How do you go from one chiplet to another, if not by using interconnect, parallel bus with clock forwarded or SerDes with embedded...
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    AMD Acquiring Xilinx?

    "All about the cloud..." Yes, and if you remember this was one of the conclusions of the "Interface IP Survey & Forecast" 2020! The cloud is the major reason for +18% YoY growth of Interface IP category... ... and also why in 2025 IPnest predict that Interface IP category will par with the CPU...
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    Celebrating One Billion 7nm Chips: Why Scale Matters

    It may look like as advertising for you, but that"s sure is the article bring accurate information! I just read "It cost one billion dollars to tape out 7nm chip", and the information in this one is simply wrong and not accurate. It just like sensationalist newspaper to be compared with real...
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    Celebrating One Billion 7nm Chips: Why Scale Matters

    Even more important, in 2019 7nm was more than 25% of TSMC revenues!
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    Taiwan Semiconductor Expected to Announce Arizona Factory as soon as Friday per WSJ

    Can we forecast what 5nm will be? Could be like 10nm or 20 nm... nothing compared with 7nm, 16 nm or 28nm. Remember this picture:
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    Intel to Reclaim Number One Semiconductor Supplier Ranking in 2019

    Very good work, we need to know the semi industry ranking! When I see the ranking by growth rate, the worst 4, #12 to #15 are all memory suppliers, I would expect to see also the semi industry ranking by products except memory. Just because the memory products have been closer to a stock...
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    Wafer Capacity by Feature Size Shows Rapid Growth at <10nm

    In term of $revenues per technology TSMC has published thie pic showing that 7nm generates in Q3 2019 27%!! To be compared with installed WW capacity of 5% on 7nm... TSMC is really at the leading edge!!
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    CMOS Image Sensors Stay on Stairway to Record Revenues

    Very interesting market! CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) is growing continuously, and expected to grow again, thanks to the automotive segment. I was chairman of an invited paper session in 2018, and we had 3 excellent presentation (thanks to Jean-Luc Jaffard, Barmak Mansoorian and Korina Fotopoulou)...
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    GLOBALFOUNDRIES Files Patent Infringement Lawsuits

    At first, I was surprised to see GF sueing TSMC (developing more advanced technology). Then, I remind that GF includes the former IBM semiconductor. That I have learnt during my life as an engineer is that IBM has discovered, and patented, so many technologies... I don't know if this makes sense...
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    Is EETimes Dead? Again?

    " In 1999, the Leeds family sold CMP to United Business Media for $900 million " Congrats to the Leeds, as already in 1999 it was possible to foresee the internet explosion! Congrats too to D&R, as the company has started before 1999 to run a paper-free, pure internet business!!
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    Lattice's New Focus / Drop in Server Shipments / DinoPlusAI / Mythic's New Funding

    I fully agree that a drop in server unit shipments is counterintuitive. The question is about the new comers (Amazon, Google, Microsoft and the like) who now design their data center (and servers) and use it. Are these being counted by IDC? If not, it could explain the drop in servers shipments...
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    U.S. Companies Dominate Worldwide IC Marketshare

    Dan, you are right, the SemiWiki traffic is a good indication about where chip design is made, and this is better than just HQ! But chip design doesn't mean chip sales (IDM or Fabless)... India is a good example: #2 with 12%. But how much in term of chip sales?
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    ARM Suspends Business With Huawei Just As EE Removes Huawei Phones From 5G launch

    Just FYI, ARM can stop to supply IP to Huawei officialy, the (dead) JV that ARM has created with a Chinese consortium before to exit (or been kicked off?) will do. ARM CPU IP are available to Chinese customers through this JV...
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    The IP paradox: such a low payback for such useful piece of design

    The IP market is a niche market, with revenue of about 1% of the overall semiconductor business, but it is highly strategic for the chip makers. IP helps the chip maker to drastically improve their TTM, when buying a commodity function they can concentrate on the part of the design which...