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Search results

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    DVCon India is Back After Great Success in First Year

    After seeing 450+ attendees, several good quality tutorial and papers, lot of exhibitors in the first year, 2nd DVCon India is going to be held on September 10 - 11 at the Leela Palace in Bangalore. the conference will provide multiple opportunities to interact with industry experts delivering...
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    DVCon India 2015 - Call for Paper

    After a successful debut last year DVCon India is again going to happen in Bangalore in September 10 - 11, 2015. The two days conference is a great opportunity for researchers as well as Industry Experts to present their work in front of rich audience comprising of system architects...
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    Different Methods for IP Valuation

    There are several methods of valuating an Intellectual Property. Below are a summary of each methods, their use scenarios, advantages, disadvantages Income Based Method: The value of the IP is calculated by the future cash flow generated by the IP over its economic life (includes the product...
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    Are IP Start-ups moving to India/ East Europe/ China

    In recent past as well as now, several IP companies got incubated/ getting incubated in countries like India, East Europe, China etc. Some of them (like Cosmic, Evatronix) are already great success. Are these countries slowly becoming a preferred location for IP start-ups. Let us look the...
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    EDA Companies & IP Start-up Relationship: Customer/ Competitor/ Acquisition Target

    EDA Companies & IP Start-up Relationship: Customer/ Competitor/ Acquisition Target IP is an area where traditional EDA companies are increasing their focus. The recent several acquisitions of IP companies as well as in-house IP development by leading EDA companies support this. The interesting...
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    Some Facts of EDA Economics and Strategies around Them

    Recently rate of formation new EDA companies have come down significantly. Just thought of creating a thread to discuss some facts on the economics of EDA industry and how companies can use those facts to develop strategies Fact 1: High Development Cost, Low Reproduction Cost The cost of...
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    Need of Company Sponsored VC Fund in Semiconductor

    We all are concerned about the declining funding of new semiconductor start-up which is a severe concern for driving innovation in semiconductor industry. But the number of M&A deals happening in semiconductor industry is still maintaining healthy rate. This indicates the demand of innovation or...
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    Is Domestic SoC Market is a Must for Design IP Companies to Grow?

    Is presence of domestic SoC companies must to catalyst the growth of Design IP companies or Design IP companies can flourish where ever engineering talent is available in world? There are example for both the above cases. US, Western Europe, Korea, Japan and Taiwan are the example where presence...
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    Medical Electronics - New Growth Driver for Semiconductor

    For the last few decades communication and consumer electronics are the major growth driver for semiconductor industry. But standardization of hardware in these two sectors has resulted in fewer innovation in the hardware. Products in these two sectors are getting differentiated by software more...
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    Fastest Growing Interface IP

    Development of interface IP needs substantial investment including engineering cost, EDA tool cost, testchip production cost, characterization and qualification cost and last but not least sales and marketing cost. To ensure the ROI it is very important to do a proper market analysis...
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    Post Fabless Era - Fabless and Backend Design Less Companies

    Hi, Just wondering whether we are entering post fabless era where SoC companies are not only outsorucing fab activities, but also outsourcing backend design activities and want to concentrate spec to RTL or spec to Netlist. The fabless era has started when setting up of fab has become...