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Search results

  1. J

    TSMC Says It Expects to Produce 1nm Transistors by 2030

    How much further can they realistically go after 1nm? 3D stacking is cool but it will require hefty cooling solutions.
  2. J

    TSMC is rumored to have won Intel’s $14 billion foundry order!

    But like this doesn't even seem realistic. Sure Intel has still lot of money but now AMD'S pretty rich too. Like the article wants to suggest they can be outpayed so easily to the point their position could be in danger? How? AMD in 2023 is financially big company.
  3. J

    TSMC is rumored to have won Intel’s $14 billion foundry order!

    This seems weird. Isn't AMD basically second most important partner for TSMC?
  4. J

    Semiconductor R&D spending by company

    It's funny how AMD and Nvidia don't even invest half of the R&D Intel does yet they have so much better products.
  5. J

    Nvidia Again Crushes Earnings!

    Interesting thing is Nvidia is also very well positioned in other segments. So even if the demand for AI softens it can just shift reaources to other segments.
  6. J

    Sam Altman is out as OpenAI CEO — board says he was ‘not consistently candid’. CTO Mira Murati to be interim CEO

    I feel like they will make their alternative in parallel and release it once its on par or better.
  7. J

    Will NVidia and AMD ARM chips threaten Intel X86 chips?

    It's not so much different than what they have now. What I think is most likely to happen is they will just rework x86 so it doesn't have any inherent weakness against ARM. Intel mentioned this several times before. And to directly answer your question. Yes they will threathen Intel but not...
  8. J

    Nvidia vs. AMD vs. Intel: Comparing AI Chip Sales

    To be honest I didn't research edge that much maybe you're right. But I suppose xilinx and altera are pretty much same on the number of offerings. I might be wrong though. Well yes Intel loves to talk about AI in ML but it hasn't come out yet while AMD has chips right now that contain AI...
  9. J

    Nvidia vs. AMD vs. Intel: Comparing AI Chip Sales

    I was reacting to this - "they are releasing CPU with onboard AI accelerator Like Xeon SPR and Core MTL." And he made it sound that Intel has this grand strategy for AI. That's not true. Both Nvidia and Intel have better product lineups geared for AI overall. Also please can you tell me which...
  10. J

    Nvidia vs. AMD vs. Intel: Comparing AI Chip Sales

    Sure Intel seems to be going all directions, AMD is only focusing on one. Ehm sure thing.
  11. J

    Aren't AMD's resources being stretched too thin?

    Exactly. I wonder if maybe they shouldn't borrow more money. They are definitely walking a very narrow line in trying to make their operations extremely efficient and on the other hand being starved. Radeon for example is a good example you mentioned. They are definitely investing more, they...
  12. J

    Aren't AMD's resources being stretched too thin?

    That's all great points Daniel. But the question still stands. Given all of the investments and capital - personal or financial needed to acquire those goals isn't AMD being stretched too thin at this moment. As an example I give the marketing which I think is underinvested and therefore I think...
  13. J

    Aren't AMD's resources being stretched too thin?

    I was thinking about this for longer time. AMD is investing in all of the right things. Just to mention few MI400, ZEN5, RDNA4. These are all great products but AMD's revenue right now isn't growing so fast and they will need the best engineers to pull of these things. Nvidia for example has...
  14. J

    AMD going after Nvidia,

    Intel doesn't have anything powerful ready to compete with AMD or Nvidia. AMD may not attain first position in next 10-15 years in AI but they will be a strong competition.
  15. J

    What do you think about RDNA3?

    Hey guys, AMD released RDNA3 a few days ago. AMD is clearly doing something similar they did with zen architecture and it seems very interesting overall to me. Here are some of the topics I wanna discuss. I did get my information mostly from these sources: AdoredTV, Moore's Law is dead...
  16. J

    Will AMD, Nvidia, or Intel use RISC-V in the future?

    Will AMD, Nvidia, or Intel use RISC-V instead of x86 to build some products in the future? For example, AMD canceled their ARM project that was started by Jim Keller but it does make sense to me they would heavily invest in RISC-V as it is slowly gaining momentum in the market. Do you know if...
  17. J

    TSMC July 2022 Revenue Report 49.9% Increase

    GPU drop from AMD doesn't matter. Zen4, genoa, RDNA3 are all coming. That's where money is.
  18. J

    AMD Announced Q2 2022 Earnings with Revenue up 70% YoY

    It also gets more complicated cause they said they will be able to save estimated 300million on operations with some synergies. It doesn't matter, AMD and Xilinx are one entity. Same as we don't single out mobileye from intel's results.