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Search results

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    TSMC March 2024 Revenue Report

    Why do they report monthly results instead of just quarterly? I know the other Taiwanese foundries do. Seems like it would be extra work and a distraction.
  2. M

    Huawei Patent Shows 6x Multi-Patterning Surpassing EUV Resolution Without EUV

    If our industry could make chips with powerpoint the answer would be obvious, not EUV. Given the order book for high NA EUV, the real answer was made years ago to go down that road.
  3. M

    Meta: Our next-generation Meta Training and Inference Accelerator

    nice article. I was suprised that the voltage went up.
  4. M

    TSMC’s first Japan plant to hit 60% local procurement by 2030

    So that would be photolithography chemicals, cmp slurries, resist strip and clean chemicals, and gases. 60% of that given Japan's position in those markets should be easy. Is there another big segment I'm missing?
  5. M

    Gen AI wafer demand on the semiconductor industry

    So they run hot and dissapate lots of heat. Does that really translate into extra need for power semiconductors?
  6. M

    India's entry into chip equipment manufacturing a masterstroke, says Fab Economics CEO

    The author has a PhD from CMU, worked for Intel and GF, should be knowledgable, but this article is laughable. India is going to grow wafer fab equipment companies just because they want to? Talk about a tough business with entrenched competitors.
  7. M

    Huawei Patent Shows 6x Multi-Patterning Surpassing EUV Resolution Without EUV

    This was the first paper on Tuesday morning at SPIE after the plenary session. The authors are all from Westlake University (China). I'm surprised it didn't get more attention at the time. Do they have experimental results? The lead author made this linkedin post a couple of months ago...
  8. M

    Fusion needed for AI

    Sam Altman saying stuff Altman himself has invested hundreds of millions in fusion and in recent interviews has suggested the futuristic technology, widely seen as the holy grail of clean energy, will eventually provide the enormous amounts of power demanded by next-gen AI. “There’s no way to...
  9. M

    Huawei Patent Shows 6x Multi-Patterning Surpassing EUV Resolution Without EUV

    I hope this is the fault of AI translation and not an indicator of the author’s intelligence “These days it’s principally based totally on want from within the area and in a roundabout way patrons in China want to possess aggressive merchandise and options, this kind of as an Iphone from Apple...
  10. M

    Everyone wants the latest chips. That’s causing a huge headache for the world’s biggest supplier

    I spent a little less than a year at a PCB company after 30 years in semiconductors. Thanks god I got out and back to semiconductors. The PCB industry is 40 years behind in every way. It was an awful experience. Point being, I wouldn't generalize an experience in the PCB industry to...
  11. M

    Huawei Tests Brute-Force Method for Making More Advanced Chips

    Is Bloomberg unable to write a balanced intelligent article? This reads like a translated press release
  12. M

    Nvidia introduces Blackwell (800mm2 reticle limit N4P dies)

    How so? This quote was all I found “Elon Musk commented: “There is currently nothing better than Nvidia hardware for AI.”
  13. M

    Chip Titan ASML Suffers New Strain of ‘Dutch Disease’

    I hadn't heard of the comparison study of Menlo Park and Visalia (between Fresno and Bakersfield in the CA central valley) before. It was by a UC Berkeley economist and it seems incredibly naïve to me. Bloomberg want to pitch this like a...
  14. M

    ASML EUV source power information from SPIE 2024

    25% less increase in WPH due to higher power than expectation. Has ASML said why?
  15. M

    Claude 3, the next AI

    The only good thing about the NEW ATLAS articles is they link to actual information at the end. But before that you are exposed to their sensationalistic blather.
  16. M

    Diamond nanomembranes to change electronics?

    The title of that article is misleading. The press release from Fraunhofer is actually pretty interesting. They want to replace the current dielectric layer on heat sinks with a poly crystalline diamond membrane. I didn't know Fraunhofer had a US site based in Michigan...
  17. M

    Could thermocouples be the answer to heat and power challenges?

    The process described in the paper isn't exactly ready for mass production:
  18. M

    TSMC celebrates as Arizona hits key construction milestone on second fab!

    The article mentioned salaries for some of the work in Japan being 66% higher than nominal to entice workers. Sounds like even in Japan it takes more than appeals to honor to motivate the workers.